How To Make Your Own Music Video Gear For Cheap

gearMaking Your Own Music Video Gear

I made this a section in the guide specifically to let you know that you CAN make your own additional video stuff.

Things that help make the video shots smoother, like Dollys, Jibs and Rigs and other stuff.

After you teach yourself a little bit about camera gear and lighting. You’ll understand there are certain ‘Cool Shots’ you will want to capture. To get those shots you will need the extra pieces of gear to get the desired shot or look.

I want you to know it’s okay to make your own gear and use your own home made gear to get those shots. No one knows you used home made gear but you. When the video is done, it doesn’t matter how you pulled off your shot, as long as you pulled off that shot.


You may find some gear is TOO expensive. I’m with you! I felt the same way. I couldn’t spend $300 on a camera dolly! Are you insane?!!?!!? So I went and made my own music video gear using Home Depots help along with Youtube video tutorials.

This thing is $300 on Amazon.


I made a similar camera dolly out of PVC Pipes, Mini roller wheels and the supplies you see below for like $100. Haha. Mine was way longer than the one above and I used it a ton! I also installed it so that I could put the actual Tripod on the wheels and push it at any height. 

Making Your Own Music Video Gear

BELOW: This the picture of the picture I took to Home Depot when I was building my Jib that puts the camera in the air for smooth shots from 10′ up down to the ground and all around.

Making Your Own Music Video Gear


 The camera jib on Amazon is almost $300. I made my own that is even LONGER and HIGHER and looks cooler for $120. 

Be creative to get camera shots. It is definitely something that will make your videos come out way better. 

If you want to find some videos on how to make them, just look up tutorials on Youtube. That’s all I did! Then I modified them a bit to be better to my liking and needs!

Good luck!!!!!

– NovAK

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