How To Choose A Lawyer

How To choose a lawyerHow To Choose A Lawyer

Oh this should be fun to explain 😀

There are different kinds of lawyers but in this case I am talking about music/entertainment lawyer. The person that makes sure you don’t get fucked out of money or screwed by some hidden clause in a contract. The person that can actually save your career. Also, just consider how well connected these guys are. If they are good, they probably have a whole roster of famous musicians using them. They can connect you 😀

Before you EVER EVER EVER sign a contract with a BIG person, BIG company, LITTLE person, LITTLE company. You NEED to have a professional lawyer READ THE CONTRACT FOR YOU TO DOUBLE CHECK.

I had read numerous contracts, been in and out of management deals with people, done label deals etc. I still was missing tiny sneaky orders of words when I had contracts. I got them checked and sure enough my lawyer was like, oh no, you can’t have this in there. I was like why not… He’d be like “Because this will blah blah blah you and blah blah” and I was like… ETC ETC ETC

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If you are truly at Level 5, you should have someone in your phone you can call that can recommend a music lawyer to you. No matter what though, make sure you have one go over ANY SIGNIFICANT contract before you sign it. I can’t even express this seriously enough through text.  When I say significant I mean management deal, sync license, a sponsorship or endorsement deal, a publishing deal or a record deal.

How To Find A Music Lawyer Or Entertainment Lawyer

1) Someone you know recommends you one that they have used and trust.

2) You can use directories that have contact information for music lawyers. Ask for their most popular clients. If no one who is someone isn’t using these guys, there may be a reason. Although that reason may just be they didn’t have an opportunity to work with someone as great as yourself 😀

3)  If you are big enough, one may contact you. My current guy has been with me since 2011 and is one of my favorite people I know. He works at one of the biggest firms in LA and has SERIOUS connections.


Be clear about what you want with the lawyer. When you aren’t sure about something, ask them and they will give you the information. That is what they are there for.

If I were you I’d get recommendations of a few good ones and actually schedule a sit down with them to make sure you are on the same page.

I have met some sneaky guys I got a BAD feeling about. Those are usually my defense attorneys but that sneaky shit usually helps me more than hurts me hahaha.

Then I have met some GREAT music lawyers that I REALLY thought were the coolest guys ever but I couldn’t afford them (in the beginning.) The first one I met bragged about he used to always play Saxophone with Bill Clinton. He showed us tons of pictures, Sounds stupid but that’s kinda cool haha.

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