The Major Keys To Understanding ‘The Game’

The Major Keys

Keys To Understanding ‘The Game’

This is the point where you are pretty established. Now you need to understand all the dynamics. To really Level uP.

I want you to know that when you are so big you can influence millions of people. You need to be someone who is inspiring these people. This section of the guide will help you understand how to continue growing as a person.

So you can be a smarter and MUCH better person to move forward and inspire people. You don’t want to be an idiot, lack knowledge and rub that off on the kids who listen to you.

You want to be the best you can be so you can gain MORE fans and stop from making ANY mistakes.
This section also has tons of other things like inside tricks people never think of and of course mistakes I’ve made so you don’t have too.

successful rapper guide level 6

In this Level of the guide I talk about all the additional things I have learned while sitting at level 6 (for 2 years) learning what it takes to get to Level 7.

I share the information and knowledge with you that the higher levels require.

There really is an amount of knowledge you must hold to get there. An attitude and a mind set that it takes to be allowed to navigate in the higher levels.

It may sound weird, but I know it’s true.

If you aren’t ready for the higher levels and you somehow get them, you won’t respect them or understand how you got there enough to be able to maintain the level.


So this level is going to break down things you may not have realized. It is going to introduce you to somethings you may not think are important, but they truly are. It is also going to show you other ways of thinking that you really need to get into the habit of.


When you make it to Level 6, congratulations. I hope you’re more ready than you have ever been and I hope this helps.

– NovAK

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