Why ‘Buzz’ Matters More Than Music

Why Buzz Is More Important Than The MusicReasons Why Buzz Is More Important Than The Music

Ohhhhhhh Buzz… What an incredible feeling it is too have. I have tasted it’s sweetness numerous times and it feels like a high I cannot explain.


When I was gaining 20,000 views A DAY on the video of mine that accumulated 5,000,000 views on Youtube. IT WAS INSANE.

We took a white board and posted how many views it gained a day and we watched it jump 20k a day and we just sat there and shit in our pants. I was buzzing!

Buzz is the most important factor in the industry. It is literally like…. Top 3 things you should be trying to keep at all times. This is what keeps you relevant in this short attention span world.

What Is Buzz?

Buzz is when people are talking about you. For whatever reason it is at all. It’s the same reason a rapper will suddenly get arrested, get shot, diss another rapper, or make a sex tape like Kim Kardashian.

People’s eyes are on you and when they are looking at you, you are FAMOUS and BUZZING. And that is when you strike with your music. That’s why artist pull publicity stunts right before an album drops. Because 99.99999% of mother fuckers didn’t even know they were releasing an album and almost forgot that person existed until they gained some buzz.

Sometimes they have the idea for the buzz and the album is the thing that make AFTER the idea. Crazy isn’t it.


Want Some HUGE Examples? 

Eminem Vs. ANYONE 

Eminem’s entire career is based on dissing people and mentioning people to create controversy. Whether it was his mom, the president, every celebrity you can name, his baby mother, ANYONE.

His lyrics were gruesome and offensive, nothing but controversial content to piss off more and more people and get more and more people to talk about him.

Dr. Dre is a genius and knows how to manipulate the public. We both know he told Em to say anything and everything that was as controversial as possible. It lead to record sales and it lead to him being one of the biggest artist of ALL TIME. Because he changed the entire white population of the WORLD for better and for worse.

It was also controversial in general that he was a white rapper in the public eye at a time when only GANGSTER rap was popularized.

His first lyrics to the main stream world were

“Hi Kids, Do you like violence?/
Wanna see me stick 9 inch nails through each one of my eye-lids/
Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did?/
Try ‘cid(acid) and get fucked up worse than my life is? /”

If this doesn’t show you he was completely branded and made to create controversy to gain buzz, idk how much more of a simpleton you can be. 

I read his life story book he released. He didn’t even do major drugs like acid until AFTER the Slim Shady LP was released.

It’s all controversy.

“Shady, that’s my girl dog”

I don’t give a fuck! God sent me to piss the world off”


Tupac Vs. Biggie

After Tupac’s death Biggie Smalls said Tupac pulled him aside and Pac said

“It’s all for entertainment and the money.”

There was really no REAL beef. Pac just understood it was an entertainment business and you have to entertain everyone.



Katy Perry – Nicki Minaj – Iggy Azalea – Lady Gaga 

Their entire existence is based on controversy to keep eyes on her and create buzz. Their entire persona and career is just a fabrication to make a pop star. These people don’t go home or to the movies dressed like this. And they don’t live the topic matter they sing about.

NOTE: I think these people are all talented! Especially Katy Perry and Lady Gaga’s song writing skills. That is incredibly impressive to me. Katy If you’re reading this, call me 😉 lol I’m kidding. NO but really. hahaha.

Anyways, I’m just telling you how it is so you understand how the industry works.

You probably saw nothing but non stop headlines about them for 2-4 years straight.

Crazy Out fits, crazy hair styles, crazy stories you hear about them, Crazy Head lines, Illuminatic symbolism so people talk about them, overly sexual content released to children, the list goes on. It’s all entertainment to gain buzz. They have the best people behind the scenes

Madonna’s entire existence is only because of the controversy she consistently created. Every one after her is pretty much another version of her. And there were Madonna’s before Madonna.


Drake Vs. Meek Mill




Tyler The Creator’s Career Existence

He actually blew up because of the amount of people talking about how he ate a cock roach in his Yonkers Music Video. In every project he has released he often cracks jokes at himself and the cock roach knowing how much it actually helped him.

Because it was controversial to just EAT a cock roach and then hang yourself at the end of a video. Every one was talking about him and that gained him immense BUZZ.


50 Cent Vs. Mayweather

As you can see, 50 is VERY good at creating controversy to keep the eyes on him. In the 50th Law (Which I’ve read 3 times now) it is mentioned how he manipulated the controversy on a consistent basis to stay relevant.


50 Cent Vs. Rick Ross

We all remember this! 50 was dressing up in wigs and shit and him and Rick Ross were going back and fourth. I never thought Ross would survive all of this but now he is someone who has persevered and created one of the biggest rap empires outshining 50 for years on end from 2010 on. I won’t lie, he has A LOT of bangers that I listen to in my gym play list.


50 Cent Vs. Kanye West 

Do you remember when 50 cent said that if Kanye West sells more records he will quit rap? That was a HUGELY GENIUS publicity stunt to gain buzz and sell albums. Everyone went out and bought more and more albums to support the artist they wanted to win as their vote.

Of course Kanye sold more, that was when Kanye was revolutionizing the music industry!


Game Vs. 50 Cent 

This was a HUGE beef that gained buzz for both of them for about 2 years. Probably completely fake to gain buzz for both of them. This one seemed pretty real, didn’t it?


NWA – Fuck The Police 

I’m sure you have seen the movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’ do you remember when Eazy E said “Nah this will be great publicity” This song is what made NWA MASSIVELY popular in America.

It was them saying how the police were corrupt and FUCK THEM. In the early 90s this was SUPER SUPER SUPER controversial to say. Look how well it worked. It sparked the massive career of artist that sparked tons of artist who are considered GREAT in the music industry today.


Sex Tapes 

Ever realize ever since Paris Hilton blew up off of a sex tape, everyone has tried to replicate it’s success?

They try to replicate it to gain BUZZ for themselves. Unfortunately you need to be at a HUGE level already for the sex tape to even have an effect now since it has already been copied so many times.



Usher made up the entire pregnancy and story about a side chick for the confessions album. And look HOW MASSIVE that song and album was. That song is STILL a great song after 10+ years.




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