1 Thing I Really Need You To Look At So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

In that time of being patient, this will keep you sane.In that time of being patient, this will keep you sane.

There are some books I am going to recommend, I know you probably don’t like reading but you need to know that when I started reading. My entire life got 1000 times better.

My understanding of the world, my perception of the world, my relationships, EVERYTHING! I prefer audio books, you can listen to them when you are driving somewhere instead of listening to music you’ve heard 1000 times.

If you listen to an audio book ten minutes a day instead of listening to music and learning nothing. You now have 10 minutes of knowledge you can apply to your career and life. 10 minutes that someone else doesn’t have and that you wouldn’t have if you pressed repeat 3 times on that latest song.

With in a month just from 10 minutes a day, you now have 300 minutes (5 HOURS/ A whole audio book) finished.

Imagine 20 minutes and finishing 2 whole books a month? Or 30 minutes a day and having finished 3? You’re light years ahead of lazy people now and even smarter!

NOTEThe way I look at it is

“Every second you are NOT working or learning you are getting behind. Not only behind others but behind YOURSELF in where you COULD BE AT.” – NovAK

Two years from now I can be 100 times smarter than I am now. But If I don’t learn or work today, I’m the same person in two years I am today.

Who wants that? No one who wants to be a TRUE artist, I’ll tell you that.

The audio book/book I am going to recommend to give you a FIRM grasp on bettering yourself every day little by little that will level you uP faster than anything with the mindset, is a book called ‘The Slight Edge’.


The Slight Edge On Amazon

For instance, if you spend 5 minutes a day learning to rap. If you get .03% better everyday you do it. Suddenly with in a month, just from 5 minutes a day, you are almost 1% better than you were. If you spend 20 minutes, that’s 4% better. Eventually 50% better, eventually a fucking monster rapper. Little by little you have the slight edge over people and your old self.

I recommend many other books, but in this instance of patience. Understanding you can make every single day useful, will make those days that seem like waiting go faster and make you feel accomplished. Trust me, I live by this rule. And I have not only a slight edge over people because of it, but because I’ve been doing it so long, I have a HUGE edge.

A great example is when I decided in 2012 to write AT LEAST 1 hour a day NO MATTER WHAT. Wake up and write punchlines for ONE HOUR. I did this for like 6 months straight. I seriously have 10,000 punchline bars. When I originally wrote Dragon Sneeze I was trying to just get rid of the bars because I had so so so so so many. The original Dragon Sneeze I wrote was 24 minutes long…. Then I realized who the fuck is going to listen to a TV episode length song lol So I cut it down to a reasonable length.

I had far more than 24 minutes in lyrics. I just wanted to show I had them.

This writing mindset was before I even read The Slight Edge or Robert Greene’s Mastery (I HIGHLY Recommend These Books) and after I read these books I suddenly understood why all that writing day in day out eventually made writing punchlines easier than Lindsey Lohan after 10 shots of tequila.

I mean now I come up with punchlines with in 3-5 seconds while someone is deciding whether or not to like a pretty girls picture on Instagram. If not for that practice….. I’d still spend time writing. Now I spend most of my time deciding which lyrics are better than ALLLLLL the other lyrics I wrote and what to save for a hotter song and what to keep on that song. Seriously…. I have my next 6 albums done/written.



Now instead of writing lyrics daily, I write entire song hooks. I have a catalog of over 5,000 songs with choruses with lyrics to the song.

That is NOT an exaggeration and the only reason I don’t take a snapshot to show you my library is because the folders are all named the song titles and you are mostly artist reading this.

Back in 2010 I released Hooked On The Feel where I mentioned I had been through “Literally 10,000 Beats” and that was before my massive understanding and growth + it’s almost 2016 now.

On occasion I go through 1,500 beats a day, because they are so easy to get my hands on. For the most part I go through atleast 100-500 on a normal basis a writing day.

Also, don’t forget I write songs in all genres for other artist, so I have a lot more choices to pick from.**

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