Networking For Rappers (It’s Not What You know, It’s Who You Know)

It's Not What You know, It's Who You KnowNetworking For Rappers
(It’s Not What You know, It’s Who You Know)

Should I Be Networking? One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my career

Though lower level me would have argued with you until your voice went out. I have learned that a network, is a primary key is success in any industry, especially music.

When I was in the lower levels, I used to completely 100% truly believe I didn’t need ANYONE’S help. I mean no one had helped me my entire life so that just kinda stuck with me.

Remember I even taught myself to mix my own music, market my music with extreme success, shoot and edit my own music videos, even making this website myself, everything. All by my lonely. But then comes the time when you finally realize you are almost stupid for continuing to waste energy doing things that other people (who are better than you) could be doing for you! This is where a network comes in!

If I didn’t spend 6+ months of life researching camera gear, how cameras work, ISOs, Shutter Speed, Camera lighting, camera angles, what to buy, price matching, looking for the best deals on cameras etc.
Do you know what I could have done with that time? JEEZ!!!!

Now imagine all the other things, like the marketing which took 1-2 years to fully grasp from softwares to human psychology and interaction (that I still learn more of everyday).

Mixing my own music, which I don’t even really do anymore. That is a never ending journey of learning…. I mean we are talking YEARS that I could have spent becoming a better artist, or better at another skill.
(NOTE: I’m not complaining. It’s amazing to know these skills and I am happy I do know them. They help in a lot of situations. But they aren’t necessity to an artist)

If you get yourself a camera guy you just saved 6 months of your life.

If you get a mix engineer who knows what he is doing, you just saved years staying up on music trends and the sound.

Why? Because these people have a passion for THAT, like you have a passion for being an artist. They want to be the best at what THEY DO, so instantly… they are better than YOU ARE at that skill. They are focusing on THAT skills mastery and probably not jumping around to the others because really only a person who wants to be an artist needs ALL THOSE SKILL SETS.
NOTE It is perfectly fine to learn all of these things yourself from mixing to shooting your own videos. I am still very happy I know how to do these things because my products will always turn out greater.

I show you all of the basics on everything in this guide so you have the knowledge you need!


You need to network!

If you’re at level 4 or above, You need to start finding these people for your team. Finding the people you can help that can help you save valuable years.

Go out there and start meeting people. If you are new, anywhere is a great start. Go to Star Bucks and talk to the girl behind the counter who is making your coffee. It is her job to talk to you, she won’t be mean lol She has to be nice or she gets fired. So strike up a conversation with her/him.

I almost just made a list of places you can go, damn it, JUST GO OUT AND TALK TO PEOPLE!

Now – If you feel like it’s hard for you to talk to people and networking is hard for you. I out of anyone who eventually became a successful artist, completely understand your pain.

Read my ‘overcoming timidity – how to talk to people with out fear’ article to help you understand how to make yourself bold and able to talk to anyone.


How To Network

I love to treat it like a game. Every person you meet is someone adding points to your reputation, your black book, increasing your social interaction skills (eye contact, hand shake, vocal presence), you’re able to absorb knowledge from these people that help you level up, Doesn’t all of this sound like an incredible reason for you to go out and network?

When my white ass is anywhere…. ANYWHERE, I try to talk to people. Whenever I have a girl around she is like, “Oh my god, you talk to everyone heehee” because it’s what I do! My favorite saying is “Good job.” I even talk to Janitors and people cleaning or working ANYWHERE. It makes them feel better and it’s kinda funny.

If you’re scared, don’t worry! Your confidence is going to build with each and every single person you talk to. Just take it 1 person at a time!

– NovAK

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