Life Lessons #2 – How To Reach Your Dreams 100 Times Faster

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Life Lessons #2

Reach Your Dreams 100 Times Faster 

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Today we will be looking at how to reach your dreams 100x faster.

You want to be successful in whatever your dreams are right?

Do you know what you want the end result to be but do you know how to get there?

road to success

Lets look at goals as if you are going on a long distance trip, since realistically it is a long ass road to any dream anyone has.

Let’s say you are in Los Angeles, California and you want to get to New York, New York.

(Pretend GPS doesn’t exist for this okay haha)

Would you just start driving towards New York and expect to get there eventually? Probably not.


Because you’d get lost so many times it would take 5 times longer to get there than if you had just taken the time to map out the exact routes you need to take.

Having goals and dreams are JUST LIKE THIS.

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Life lesson #2

If you start working towards your goals but you have no plan of action, you are just working on random things that aren’t necessarily going STRAIGHT for your destination.

I LOVE This metaphor because it is sooooooooooo true.

This is why you need to make a strategy when you want to reach a goal.

Every turn and every pit stop you will be making is essential.

If it’s not, it is slowing you down.

road to success life lessons

There is a reason that businesses don’t start unless they have a full business plan detailing every single aspect of their business.

You as a person trying to attain your dreams ARE a business. Nothing on this planet makes money except businesses.

You are a BRAND, a unique person that is trying to acheive a dream.

So what I want you to do is to look at WHERE you want to be.

Then I want you to break it down into all of the things required that will get you to that place.

Break it all down in reverse order.

life lessons
How to start

Life Lesson #2

Let’s say you want to be a super star music artist who inspires millions of people.

You would want to have at least 1 Million Fans right?

Okay well how do you get to 1 million fans?

The answer isn’t as obvious as most people realize but of course you simply build them 1 by 1.

That’s how I built my fan base from the ground up.

So then you think about unique ways you reach individual people 1 by 1?

Then think of how you can reach people 2 at a time and then 3 at a time.

How can you get those current fans spread you to more fans?

Look for all possible ways you can get to that DREAM GOAL.

Put the pieces together and THEN go for it.

A lot of people look at how MASSIVE their dreams are and that scares them into thinking that their dreams aren’t that possible.

The thing is, once you break it all down into daily tasks you will see that it’s really actually something that is totally possible…


You just have to have the plan, work ethic and patience to make it happen.

1) Make a yearly plan with goals you want to reach

2) Then a monthly plan of things you need to do in order to reach those year goals.

3) Then weekly goals to reach those monthly goals

4) Then daily goals to reach those weekly goals. 

It’s REALLY that simple!

life lessons
A closer look

Life lesson #2

So let’s say your yearly goal was to gain just 1,200 fans. That’s a lot of fans for most people.

This means you need to gain 100 fans every month to hit your yearly goal of 1,200 fans.

Which is 25 fans a week!

Which is 3-4 fans a day.

thats how its done sheldon gif

See how easy it is when you break it down?

Are you telling me that you can’t reach out to 5-10 new people a day and converse with them and ask them to listen to your music?

3-4 of those people of the 10 will probably become fans and even if they don’t they are probably rooting for you and still know your name.

You have now talked with them and they are closer to being a fan than they were before, right?

All of that work adds up.

Now look at it.

At the end of that year you have 1,200 new fans you built yourself because you put the work in EVERYDAY. 

What would it take you to talk to 10 new people a day… maybe… 15 minutes?!!?!?

15 Minutes to get closer to your dreams everyday!? Come on!

But wait… I also want you to realize there is more going on in the background when you are working hard.

Momentum comes into play.

Those people you made into fans will tell people about you and NOW you have probably 2,500 fans or more instead of just 1,200 when the year is over.

Year 2 you will have 10,000 fans. Then 25,000 fans and so on.


denzel washington gif my man

One mistake I made was I never made a plan. I didn’t break it down like this. 

So thinking on a massive scale was a bit scary.

Now that I have learned tons about business and how detailed everything is I understand how the tiny things turn into BIG things.

Now I know better and now I have a plan EVERYDAY that gets me closer to my dreams.

I want you to have one too!

life lessons
what you can apply today


The primary life lesson here is that EVERY LITTLE BIT OF WORK ADDS UP.

But it won’t add up if you don’t plan it out and start actually doing it.

So start now!

This will take you 15-30 minutes and save you YEARS of unfocused work in the wrong direction.

TRUST ME! This is in the life lessons series for a reason.

If I could go back I would have done this from DAY 1.

If you don’t do this right now you are going to look back and realize you read this article and feel stupid that you didn’t take the advice.

So let’s do this!!! Grab some paper or open a new note pad and start.

1) What is your dream?

2) What do you TRULY need to do to get to that dream?

3) what is step 1, what is step 2, what is step 3-50.

4) Break it all down into EASY bite sized things you can do daily for even just 15 minutes to get closer to your dream.

You can do it gif

Think about it like this, everyday that you aren’t organized, structured and chipping away at getting closer to that dream is another day you are going to have to wait to get to your dreams.

So start making your plan NOW. Right when you stop reading this and start working on your dreams.

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