Life Lessons #3 – This Will Destroy Your Dreams

life lessons 3
life lessons

Life Lessons #3 This Will Destroy Your Dreams

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Negative thoughts will slow you down from reaching your goals, make you unhappy, destroy your body, mind and spirit.

What the hell is the benefit of negative thoughts?

Doing what I talk about in this article has changed my life in a MASSIVE way.

That is why I am making sure it is one of the first few Life Lessons I try to show everyone.

You need positive thoughts and in this weeks Life Lesson I am going to try to help you rewire your brain to be able to beat negative thoughts every time and start getting closer to your dreams TODAY.

life lessons
A Real Life Example

There was this guy on Facebook that is a rapper and used to hate on me in like 2011.

The guy is massively negative in general and just goes around talking shit to people. I had a post of my new album on my Facebook fan page and he pops up after 5 years and is talking shit on my page.


Because he is so closed minded he never researched how social media works to grow his fan base.

He doesn’t realize how Facebook algorithms have changed from 80% reach to be around 1-2% organic reach of your page likes unless you pay for advertising.  

Even Facebook pages like Coca Cola with 98 MILLION likes only gets about 1,000-10,000 likes per picture unless they pay for advertising.

That’s IT!

Knowing this and the fact that he didn’t, I ignored his comment but went to his personal Facebook page to see what he was doing with himself years later.

Want to guess what negative Nino was doing with himself as an artist?

you guessed gif

He was doing AB-SO-LUTELY nothing, in 5 years he hadn’t seemed to have gained a single fan and every single post on his Facebook page was him talking shit about someone or complaining about this or complaining about that.

I’ve grown a lot since 2011 and seeing his attitude NOT CHANGE really made me so so grateful that I grew as a person and he was a living example of how much I would have grown if I would have stayed in the downward spiral and had the negative attitude like him.

This was just more proof that you will not grow in your career unless you grow as a person.

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Let’s go over another example.

Do you EVER like it when someone is complaining about their day?

“Ouch my foot hurts!”

“Man the weather sucks”

“My boss is such a bitch hoe.”

“It’s too big, it won’t fit.”

That stuff all sucks.

No one likes that stuff. It’s drama, it drags us down. It makes us feel like WE have problems when it’s not even our problem to deal with.

Now let’s imagine the person said this instead:

“Wow, I feel good today!”

“Man the weather is beautiful outside!”

“My boss is actually pretty cool when he wants to be.”

“Holy shit it’s huge”

You can even notice my tone in the happier sayings. Because it’s actually more happy TO SAY.

The negative ones sound sad and depressing, because that’s how they would actually be said.

We don’t want to hear that negative stuff. We want to hear the happy stuff because it makes US happy.

That is unless you are so far down in the hole that you LOVE negativity. That’s part of the dark spiral.

You need to get yourself headed in the other direction immediately my friend.

If you like drama, you are in the wrong mind state.

life lessons
Talking yourself up and down

Now let’s discuss where the thoughts and comments are focused.

You should NEVER negative about yourself.



Then you’ll start believing the bullshit.

If you say “I’m fat” or “I’m stupid” eventually you really start believing it.

This is what you are doing to yourself when you say negative things.

homer simpson strangle gif

Have you ever heard of affirmations?

Like, people saying something to themselves.

Maybe who they want to be, where they want to be, what they want to have or just truthful statements about themselves?

Something like

“I feel incredible!”

“I am gonna be riiiiiiich as hell!”

“I’m the fucking man!”

I personally wake up everyday and I say affirmations *pulls book out and shows people*


Why do I do this?

Because It reminds me of my goals right when I wake up and I know what I am going to be. It keeps me on my path.

I’m not saying YOU need to do affirmations. This article is about learning how to make your life better by simply changing how you think.

life lessons
How to start

Anytime a negative thought comes into your head, think of a positive thought in it’s place.

Positive thoughts have way more power in your life than you probably realize.

The benefits of being a positive minded person:

1) You will feel healthier

2) You will eventually look healthier

3) You will be happier!

4) You will smile more

5) You will be more liked by people

6) Your circle of friends will change into GOOD people instead of negative people

7) You will make MORE friends MORE often

8) People will be more drawn to you and want to be around you

9) This list would be VERY long so I’ll stop it but you get the jist of it.

I’d like to point out that if you know me, you know I’m not one of those looney crazy people.

I am a person working towards his dreams who is happy everyday that I am alive.

So when I tell you that this stuff works… I’m not crazy. I am someone who has went from the evil negative side and fully evolved into a smarter, happier and more successful person.

It all starts with the way you think and what you say and think about yourself.

We are all capable of greatness. Even you! You just have to find it in yourself and work for it.

life lessons
negative thoughts can kill you

Not just the negative thoughts other people have about you that they then go and perform on you. lol

There are seriously bad side effects of constantly having negative thoughts.

you have to stop gif

When it becomes so common and normal that you put yourself down and only see the bad in things it can make you hit rock bottom.

I won’t go SUPER into detail but thinking negative, being sad and letting the negative thoughts get to me actually brought me down to a point where I thought I had cancer a few years ago.

I worked my way out of that negative place by starting to evolve my mind and become a new person. The person that you see truly trying his best to help other people today.

A much more successful and happy me.

I have learned that sometimes we need to go thru the toughest times to truly start to find ourselves and start growing.

This situation is one that I am grateful for because it honestly changed my life for the better.

There is WAYYYY more behind the story than just what’s told but of course I’ll tell that stuff later on which is the site where I use my crazy life story to inspire people.

If you want the story of all of that stuff you can actually check the song out that I made about it:

life lessons
what you can apply today

Now you may think you can’t think positive thoughts (which is already a negative thought lol) or that the negative thoughts will overwhelm you.

I believe if you are reading this article that you are already in a place of growth in your life and you are completely ready and capable of 99% positive thinking.

The 1% is because sometimes those negative thoughts slip through the cracks.

I remember when I was still in a dark place trying to become more and more positive that the negative thoughts really really grew fast and sometimes seemed uncontrollable.

It was hard to find positive thoughts in the dark negative ones sometimes but they are there.

Anytime a negative thought occurs, simply ignore it and think of something as positive as you can to take it’s place.

Lets do an example based on something we might say about ourselves

If I were to say something about myself such as “Man I look fat af” it would definitely make me feel fat af.

I would be putting myself down and I used to do that until I was bulimic and throwing up food into the toilet when I was 15 from getting picked on and called fat all the time.

But now… If I ever were to say to myself that “I’m fat af” here are the positive thoughts that would immediately overcome those thoughts.

1) I’m not really THAT fat compared to most people. I’m just bitching.

2) It’s just because I don’t watch what I eat really.

3) I need to stop eating burritos from Chipotle 3 times a week.

4) I could lose this weight in 2 weeks with cardio

5) Screw it Ima start doing cardio on Monday

*Never does cardio but the negative thought has disappeared into fat air*


This is my real thought process by the way.

cartman Im not fat im big bones gif

These may seem like excuses but really they are FACTS. There is a difference.

In this example I am being honest with myself with the positive thoughts instead of letting the positive thoughts spiral downwards.

Here is how a negative persons mind jumps around from one negative thing to another.

1) I’m fat af

2) Girls don’t like guys with fat

3) I’m not gonna be able to find a girlfriend

4) Why don’t girls like me?

5) I have no game….

*opens Tinder for attention to feel better*

6) Why is no one matching with me on Tinder?!

7) Omg It’s because I’m fat!

Lol now this may seem comical but honestly that is where a negative thought starts and it just SPIRALS from there.

Eventually it becomes a habit and you feel like you have no control and you are always negative about yourself and other things.

Instead you can simply think the positive thought and overcome it!

Now let’s do an example based on something we might say about another person.

I still have thoughts that cross my mind about things completely out of my control.

Things that I may have an opinion on that is totally unnecessary and none of my business.

For instance if you see someone who is wearing a pink fedora hat like this guy, a negative, insecure person would say… Wow that is terrible and a bunch of other things I won’t say here.

Guy in pink fedora hat

Now if this thought came into my head, which is undoubtedly would because I am still growing as a person….

I would immediately look for the positive thoughts in this situation and here is my exact thought process.

1) It’s none of my business who cares what this guy is wearing.

2) At least he had the balls to wear that in public

3) He might be wearing it to be funny or was dared to do it by a friend

4) Good for him. Whatever makes him happy.

*Then mind my own business and go about my day.*

Old me who was an insecure asshole would have had a lot of negative thoughts and why?!?!?! It’s none of my business what that guy does or what he wears.

The point is that I have trained and rewired myself to find the silver lining and positive thought that roots on other people’s success in my head.

This is a thought process that will make you a better friend and a better person overall.

life lessons
environment is important

One of the MOST important things to your success with any goal is where you currently place yourself everyday.

If you area always around negative people or in a negative area than that stuff is going to rub off on you.

When I finally got myself away from all the lazy people in my life…. Everything got 100 times better for me and started moving.

When I started associating with people that were smarter than me… I got 100 times smarter….

When I got out of south side Chicago… my violence and natural rage from being raised there subsided and I was much happier.

This is because in South side Chicago that angry attitude and thought process of being tough is what protects you from the gangs and stops you from getting walked all over.

At least that’s how you are raised in that environment to think… which is my exact point.

When you remove yourself from negative people and negative situations…. you have total control over your thought process.

It is no longer influenced by others.

This is very similar to the fact that if you want to lose weight…. don’t buy junk food… why? Because then you can’t just eat it out of the fridge or pantry. You would have to go allllll the way to the store to get the junk food… the junk food is lazy negative people in this metaphor….

Remove yourself from them and they can’t really affect you and you can work on yourself in peace.

I don’t want to hear the excuse that you can’t remove them either.

If you can’t, then avoid them or talk to them about what they need to change so you can be a happier person.

life lessons
Finishing up

So start overcoming those negative thoughts.

Think of positive thoughts every time a negative one hits you.

I promise It will make everything in your life better.

Don’t forget about the benefits list:

1) You will feel healthier

2) You will eventually look healthier

3) You will be happier!

4) You will smile more

5) You will be more liked by people

6) Your circle of friends will change into GOOD people instead of negative people

7) You will make MORE friends MORE often

8) People will be more drawn to you and want to be around you

9) This list would be VERY long so I’ll stop it but you get the jist of it.

Youre welcome gif

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