Life Lessons #4 – Stop Caring What People Think

life lessons 4
life lessons

Life Lessons #4 Stop Caring What People Think

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The one thing that is going to hold you back more than anything in life is worrying about what other people think about you.

If you let other people’s opinions determine how you make your choices, you are going to have a bad time.

youre gonna have a bad time

My entire childhood people made fun of me for rapping. They still do until they actually listen to my music.

If I had quit any of the times people told me I sucked or that I couldn’t succeed…. where would I be today?

You have stop caring what other people think and move forward.

When I was younger and people made statements about how I couldn’t do this or couldn’t do that… I was already fucked up mentally as a kid so all of the doubts people threw at me really made me even more self conscious and made me doubt myself a lot more.

Who wants that in their life?

Who needs that?

No one!

People often ask me why I didn’t post more pictures or videos to keep fans attention from 2011 to 2015. Well I had a huge fear of looking stupid and worrying about what other people thought because of the way that I saw people’s reactions to all content from 2008 on.

I didn’t post things on my Twitter or Facebook pages because someone would say something negative or criticize it.

This was back when 1 negative thought could ruin my day. So I didn’t even want to risk getting any negativity AT ALL.

Check out the other life lesson where I talk about negativity.

I used to hate reading my YouTube comments because people just say mean and hurtful things for absolutely no reason. That’s why they made a whole new term just for those people.

I was so consumed by worry about what people though I didn’t even post pictures of myself online. That’s why there were only like 5 pictures of me for like 4 years. Nowadays you gotta post 5 pictures a week to stay relevant.

Also, I never told people my life story because

1) I didn’t think they’d care

2) I was worried what people would think about me.

If I still had the thought process worrying about what people thought about me I wouldn’t even had started making these videos to motivate and inspire people.


Because I would have felt like it may take away from me as an artist. I used to think videos like this would make me look like a “Youtuber” instead of an “Artist”… Well guess what

i dont care

Part of who I am as an artist is inspiring people. It’s not  JUST about the music. It is about the person behind the music and showing everyone that on and off the microphone and on or off stage I am the very same person.

Doing things like these videos increases the value of my music and doing things like Smart Rapper further proves I am an artist who has experienced what it takes to be an artist and that I am truly an artist.

Doing stuff like this sets me apart from rappers who are just rapping and have huge fan bases of people who don’t actually CONNECT with them on a real level. These things allow me to keep people as supporters forever… instead of just the few years a rapper is “relevant”.

If I cared what people thought I never would have made this site in the fear that people would say I stopped rapping or gave up… which people DID say when I made the site.

This site is just ONE piece of the overall brand and artistry… but if I cared I wouldn’t have all of the amazing fans and people that like me and music that came from this site.

Blah blah blah. You get what I am saying haha.

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Sometimes You Have To Care

I’m not saying I don’t care at all what people think, but I have realized that not caring about the little stuff has drastically changed my life and substantially increased how happy I am.

When I am happier I can be a better artist, a better inspiration to people and a better person overall to everyone including those around me.

What I do is I ask everyone for their opinions, I stay open minded and willing to hear opinions. I can decide what is usable opinion and what is just biased negative opinion.

Learn to differentiate the two.

Learn to take opinions and mold them around your ideas and improve your ideas or whatever you received opinion on.

After you start doing this you will be able to take the good and the bad and completely disregard the bad and your life will be much smoother, trust me.

life lessons

How To Start

As usual I am going to tell you how I think you can start implementing this into your life so that it becomes a habit that you can use to make yourself a stronger person.

Honestly, it will be super simple.

Here is what you do anytime says something negative about you or when you feel like someone is thinking negative about you or laughing at you… simply say to yourself “Who Cares!” or “I Don’t Care” lol.

That’s all I do… seriously!

And that’s really all you have to do.

Because to be honest… really… WHO CARES…. seriously!

i dont care gif

After you say “Who cares!” or “I Don’t care!” to yourself then start thinking of things you actually do care about and things that actually do matter to think about.

It’s that simple.

After this becomes a habit you will always overwrite the negative stuff and instantly be happier for the rest of your life.

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Finishing up

Why are you going to care what other people think of you?

Most people’s thoughts of you DO NOT AFFECT YOU AT ALL….. unless you over think about them and let them affect you.

You’ll notice how much more you will love life when you start saying

“Who cares what that person thinks of me, I am the shit!”

And it’s true….

This is how I started feeling after I stopped caring what other people thought about me.

do I look like I care

Today I want you to stop giving a quarter of a fuck about what people think about you. Take risks, be creative with no boundaries, try new things…. Don’t let other people’s thoughts of you slow YOU down.

Prove them wrong and go above and beyond.

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– Rob Level

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