Magic Making Machine 3.1 Power Up

I Just Changed Your Rap Career

I introduce to you… a game changer for every single rapper who gets their mic gripping hands on this thing. It’s my platinum songwriter template that I got my hands on while writing with people who have wrote songs for superstars like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Chris Brown and more. 

Then I took that same session and I made it even better slowly but surely turning it into what 21 revisions have made it… the Magic Making Machine 3.1 

This thing has changed my life. I swear on everything that this is a MUST HAVE tool for artists who are trying to be more creative, save time and get more music created and finished.

You can’t blow up as an artist if you aren’t releasing music! This helps you get more finished so you have songs to release. 

7 Benefits To You Getting This Template Today

1) Songs get finished faster. You’ll have more music finished and more song options for singles. You’ll never have to stress about NOT having finished songs to put out. 

2) You will like how you sound instantly… and you’ll like the songs you make A LOT more 

3) You are more creative 

4) You will FEEL more professional and like a real rapper. This is a template made from one that Platinum hit writing songwriters use. You actually can see something professional in front of you that improves your sound and that comes off in your recordings and because your confidence is increased

5) Even the unmixed versions on this template sound really clean. Meaning you can actually export the songs and show friends. 

6) This gives you the advantage over every single rapper and artists who doesn’t have this. You can outwork every other rapper who doesn’t have this 

7) Save 15 to 20 minutes on every single song minimum because you don’t have to worry about setting up the session or finding the right sound. It’s all already done the moment you open the template. 

How Does It Work?

Most pro tools templates are bland, uninspiring and boring. You record yourself into them and you sound flat and dull. 

Look how boring the average Pro Tools session looks. 

Now look how much more professional feeling and looking the Magic Making Machine 3.1 is 

Look how CLEAN and organized it is too. Easy to look at and easy to understand and use.

On top of that dullness of the basic normal pro tools session, you have to spend 10 to 15 minutes every session just adding plug ins and figuring out which plug ins sound right for each session. This means you are wasting time PLUS creativity that could be spent writing the song in front of you. 

With the Magic Making Machine 3.1, I already spend months perfecting the right plugins, sends, busses, tones, delays, reverb and more so you don’t have to do anything but double click and start recording yourself. 

It also comes with a full tutorial on how to set it all up and tweak things in case you want to. 

This is a tool. Let’s think about it like a car, you are the engine and you have 300HP, this tool is a big turbo charger and a tune that adds another 200 HP to your vehicle. Now nothing on the road can touch you. 

Or if you are a girl…. This is the difference between you only having lipstick and eye shadow but no foundation, primer, concealer, blush or highlighter. 

Things come out a lot more pretty when you have your hands on this. 

What Does The Magic Making Machine 3.1 Bundle Come With?

1) It comes with the Magic Making Machine 3.1 Template 

All you have to do is double click, choose a place to save your new session and you can get started writing and recording your song. 

2) It comes with a full tutorial video on how to set it all up just right.

3) It comes with instructions as well as a sample Pro Tools session where I talk to you and show you how great it sounds to simply talk inside the session. It’s GREAT!

Why Should I Trust You And Buy From You?

I built the biggest Educational Platform for rappers in history! I have helped 100s of thousands of rappers stay motivated, inspired and educated on everything about rap and the music business. 

All I want to do is help artists like you and that’s why I knew I had to give you the SAME EXACT TOOLS I am using that are making me successfully pump out 50 songs a month that have changed my life forever. 

How Much Is It?

If you wanna see the low price I have it at now click here.

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