Major Record Labels BUY SOUNDCLOUD PLAYS For Their Artists

I know a lot of people think if they buy SoundCloud plays they’ll look like they’re cheating they system. But the truth is, major record labels spike the numbers of all of their artists this exact way.

Justin Bieber was caught buying two followers for every one REAL fan he was gaining when he was initially gaining stardom. His label wanted for him to look like he blowing up quicker than he really was. More merchandise and tickets to shows were sold with all the extra hype he created around himself. Infamously, girls began to swoon over him which helped grow his initial buzz to superstar level.

Major Record Labels know the consumer (us). They’ve collected data on what works and doesn’t work. If they’re buying SoundCloud plays and SoundCloud followers, they’re doing it for a reason – they know it works.

Record labels have been caught cheating for their music artists by spiking their SoundCloud followers, plays, and everything else. It’s even worse on Spotify.

There is a reason that three of the biggest record labels in the world own a majority share of the streaming services, Spotify and SoundCloud. They have access to control the data, plays, and make any artist they want look famous until they really are.

To Buy SoundCloud Plays Or Not To Buy

2020 is a new age for artists, rappers, singers and anyone looking to grow their music fan base. Everyone is currently trying to buy SoundCloud plays so they could look more famous and hoping people take them more seriously.

As I often mention in my real SoundCloud promotion videos, I can’t stress enough how insanely powerful and necessary social proof is for a music artists growth today.

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For us independent artists, we can’t rely on major record labels to buy SoundCloud plays for us. Sure it works, but at the end of the day, you still need to get real organic SoundCloud plays.

But the key to getting people to take us seriously as musicians is to already look like everyone else is listening to our music. These streaming numbers translate to people caring. When other people care, we think to ourselves, “Why do they care? What is the thing about this music artist that I need to see, hear or know?” This is what prompts others to give your music a chance or listen.

If you do end up having good music to showcase, you can potentially gain a fan that was originally questioning you.

The problem is, getting people to even click ‘Play’ is hard when you don’t have enough streams. This is the same reason why people often choose to buy SoundCloud plays.

Just so you don’t miss out, I have an entire FREE COURSE showing you how I went from 0 SoundCloud followers to 1,000 SoundCloud followers. Over the course of 30 days, I’ve gained over 7,000 SoundCloud plays on my new single Built Like This.

The Psychological Factor Of SoundCloud Plays On Artists

There is one downside to buying SoundCloud plays. Oftentimes, artists convince themselves that they don’t have to work on real SoundCloud promotion or music marketing to get themselves heard. 

This happens after they get so used to buying plays and followers because psychologically, they believe those SoundCloud numbers really exist. Even though they aren’t real, something in the human brain makes us FEEL famous or more popular than we truly are.

So if you do decide to buy SoundCloud plays like record labels do, make sure you don’t get caught up in this. If you are not working on organic SoundCloud promotion to get your music heard, you aren’t gaining fans. If no one is really listening to your music, what are you actually doing?

You need a real fan base to grow as a music artist. Fake fans don’t make you money. And fake people don’t have ears to listen with. There’s a reason why artists profit the most off of tours instead of their music streams.

How Many SoundCloud Plays Should You Buy?

Don’t go overboard when you do any SoundCloud promotion. If you’re planning to buy SoundCloud plays, the number of plays should correspond with how big your fan base is. For instance, the number of like you have on your Instagram posts needs to work with how many followers you have.

Also, if you buy SoundCloud plays, you also need to buy SoundCloud followers, reposts, likes and comments.

Just look at big rapper SoundCloud accounts If you want to know what looks ‘normal’. Check out what the usual amount of SoundCloud plays to followers is. Then look at how many comments, likes, and reposts their song is getting on average. Your SoundCloud profile is probably 1/100 the size of theirs right now so just do the math by cutting out a number.

To make it easier for you, Here are the average ratios.

Looking at this Famous Dex song on SoundCloud, there isn’t much of a massive engagement on this song even though he’s a well known artist.

He doesn’t interact with his audience so they don’t really see a need to comment much. Yet, you can see they are really listening to his songs.

On Soundcloud, Famous Dex’s song, Proofread, has 7,285 likes and 567 reposts. On average, the amount of likes you have should be about 12-15 times higher than the amount of SoundCloud reposts.

The likes indicate that 1 out of every 26 plays resulted in 1 SoundCloud like. 

The SoundCloud posts indicate 1 out of every 329 plays resulted in a repost. One out of every 547 plays left a comment on his SoundCloud.

Famous Dex’s song, One More, doesn’t seem to be nearly as popular. This means a more popular SoundCloud song is going to have more likes and reposts because it’s a better song. It’s pretty obvious.

If you want your song to appear more popular, I’d recommend if you buy SoundCloud plays or likes so the number ratios match the stats of a song getting listened to more.

Just keep in mind that there are other factors involved. If you have a more hardcore fan base that actually engage with you, you will see MORE comments because people trust you’ll notice them. For example, I have more comments on a song that I uploaded last week compared to Famous Dex’s One More. Yet, he has 1/20th the plays I have. Go check the profile’s commenting for yourself! And my song Bult Like This has more comments than both of his songs combined even though I literally have no where near his views. 

Buy SoundCloud Plays Smart With This Ratio Guide

Based off of the stats we can see on Famous Dex’s Soundcloud profile, here are the numbers that make sense when buying any Soundcloud social proof. You can get all of this stuff below on

Every time you buy 1000 SoundCloud plays, you should buy 50 SoundCloud likes as well. This will be about 1 out of every 20 people liking your song. Buy 3 to 5 SoundCloud reposts which is equivalent to 1 out of every 200 to 300 people reposting it.

If you decide to buy Soundcloud comments, I recommend getting at least 20 on your songs. The more comments a song has, the more legit it looks. You might get one comment out of every 2,000 plays not including the initial burst of comments from your fan base.

Even this DaBaby and Nicki Minaj song only has 843 comments on 2 Million plays in a month. Think about that.

But the more SoundCloud comments you have, the more legit your songs will look. Ultimately, this will result in you gaining more SoundCloud followers and plays. 

In a nutshell, buy 1000 SoundCloud plays at a time and make sure you keep this ratio. 

Why Buy Soundcloud Plays When You Can Get Free SoundCloud Plays

If I were to buy SoundCloud plays, I would use they are relatively cheap and work amazing. Not only do they offer Soundcloud plays, but you can buy Soundcloud followers, reposts, likes, comments, and everything else.We are talking like… $1 for SoundCloud stuff.

Obviously you know I test things before I ever recommend them to you. I wouldn’t tell you about something if I didn’t believe in it. It’s not a good look for me if you don’t end up liking it.

SoundCloud Manager Instead Of Buying SoundCloud Plays

If you wanted to go all out and not have to deal with buying SoundCloud plays like record labels would, just download SoundCloud Manager. You can do so by going to and get free Soundcloud plays. This will give you an unlimited supply, forever. There’s a feature which allows you to choose any song of yours on SoundCloud and add free SoundCloud plays to it.

Think about it like this–if you go buy SoundCloud plays instead of SoundCloud Manager, you’re actually wasting money.

Don’t forget, I have an entire FREE COURSE showing you how I went from 0 SoundCloud followers to 1,000 SoundCloud followers. Over the course of 30 days, I’ve gained over 7,000 SoundCloud plays on my new single Built Like This.

Keep hustlin gang, 

– @Rob_Level 

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