10 Triumphant Tips To Make Your Voice Deeper

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Introduction

What you are going to learn today in this “how to make your voice deeper” article is the following:

1) Techniques you can start applying in 5 minutes to be on the path to making your voice deeper,

2) The major and surprising benefits of learning and applying how to get a deeper voice,

3) Understand more about how the diaphragm and breathing affect the deepness of your voice,

4) A few examples of famous people with a deep voice, and

5) You will notice immediate results after your first run-through of the 10 voice deepening exercises I list below.

The Surprising Benefits Of Getting A Deep Voice

So what are the benefits when you make your voice deeper?

1) Numerous studies show men with deeper voices are much more successful.

2) A deeper voice shows authority and creates influence.

3) Females will be much more attracted to you because it comes off as Alpha Male/Dominant at a primitive level in their brains.

4) In tribal societies, the guys with deeper voices had 30% more children. Probably because the ladies dig it. 😉

5) Other males are subconsciously more intimidated and scared of you because of the alpha male sound of your deep voice.

6) You will have a higher social status.

7) You sound cooler, which is really the whole point haha.

Understanding How To Get A Deep Voice

First, you need to understand just a bit more about how to make your voice deeper and the possibilities with it.

This article was designed to help you develop your natural voice to its fullest and deepest potential.

Therefore, you need to know this before we even begin…

The deepness of your voice is determined by the length and thickness of your natural-born vocal cords which then is determined from the amount of testosterone you were hit with during puberty.

You’ve probably heard guys on steroids have deep voices, or even women on steroids have deeper voices haha. Testosterone baby! LMFAO

As everything else on this site is meant to do, I want to help you become the best you that you can.

Is it possible to deepen your voice? Read below. I think you’ll believe, “Yes!”

Some people say you cannot make your voice deeper, I completely disagree.

The proof is out there if you pay attention. There are people in Hollywood who have developed even deeper voices over time and made an entire career out of those voices.

There are rappers who started off with squeaky voices who now have much deeper voices from learning and practicing how to get a deeper voice.

They may not have made their voices deeper as much as they have learned how to speak properly and utilize their natural-born vocal cords as I said above.

Weak neck muscles force muscles around the vocal cords to strain while you are using your voice. So no matter what, the below techniques will strengthen your voice.

Before we jump into here are some examples of well-known celebrities with deep voices (aka long vocal cords)

Barry White

Sylvester Stallone

Morgan Freeman

Vin Diesel

Isaac Hayes “Suck on my chocolate salty balls.”

Guy from all state (Dennis Haysbert) “That’s All State’s Stand”

The Rapper Rawcus “White People Crazy”

Rick Ross “Hoao!”

DMX “Dog!”

Also, I truly believe that the human body will adapt to anything you apply to it over time. We will become stronger and adapt.

Things like voice deepening exercises are definitely on that list.

evolution of the human voice pattern

So what I’m getting at here with vocal deepening exercises is that yes speaking in a lower tone unnaturally puts wear and tear on your vocal cords, duh.

Exercising muscles breaks them down and puts small tears in the fibers and then we rest and they grow, becoming stronger.

The muscles (as I believe the vocal cords) do this to adapt to changes in our environment since the body thinks it needs to recruit more muscle fibers for strength or speed for our survival.

Similar to a muscle, you do it, it heals, then you do it more and it heals more and you keep growing.

Voice Deepening Exercises and Voice Deepening Techniques

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Tip #1) Understand warming up for getting a deeper voice

Warming up is a big part of doing any kind of exercise.

Warming up will bring blood flow to the targeted area and helps reduce the amount of strain and stress on whatever we are working out.

It seems like common sense, but I definitely don’t want you damaging your vocal cords while you are doing voice deepening exercises. 🙂

Professional singers do super serious vocal warm-ups before they perform or record for a reason.

Voice Warm-Up technique 1:

“One thing I can tell ya, if you’re looking to improve the sound of your voice, yawn a lot. It relaxes your throat muscles, it relaxes your vocal cords. And as soon as they relax, the tone drops. The lower your voice is, the better you sound.” – Morgan Freeman

Voice Warm-Up Technique 2: 

If you drink warm water or hot coffee/tea, it will open up your vocal cords for vocal exercises.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you drink a cold beverage, it will constrict your vocal cords.

You can also do these voice deepening techniques in the shower.

Voice Warm-Up Technique 3: 

Massage your throat and vocal cord area gently. Open your mouth as wide as you possibly can and say, “Ahhhhhhh,” similar to this guy below.

getting a deeper voice

#2) The Jim Carrey: Instantly Get A Deeper Voice By Using Your Current Voice Properly And Projecting From Your Mask

After talking about warm-ups, since it is a must, I want to touch on the most important factor of you getting a deeper voice.

That factor is that it’s your voice. OWN IT!

Whenever you speak, you need to speak with warmth, confidence, and expression. You need to own the voice you have and it will INSTANTLY be better.

project from your vocal mask

Consider that if you sound timid, sad, or non-confident that your voice is obviously going to come out weak. That is a completely logical thought on the matter.

You need to consciously pay attention to how you talk and make it a habit to be able to manipulate your voice.

Every politician in history goes through serious training in order to learn how to talk to the public.


You can definitely tell when someone has had training in body language and speech. If these incredibly important people go through training on their voices and vocal patterns, you definitely need to understand the value of learning how to utilize your voice.

Project from your mask technique

To speak with your natural pitch and optimal tone, you need to project from your “mask”.

maskNormalSinusFrontalViewLargeHow do you find your vocal mask

How do you find your vocal mask? 

The easiest way to find your vocal mask is to simply say “hmmmmmmm” with your mouth closed.

Say “hmmmmmm” 3 times for about 3 seconds each time and you will feel a vibration to your mask area.

A voice projected from the mask won’t be nasally or strain your throat.

#3) Belly of the Beast: Add Bravado And Power To Your Voice By Breathing From Your Diaphragm

I was breathing incorrectly for YEARS! It’s true!

This was actually a pretty cool discovery when I learned it a long time ago. It showed me that you can breathe from different areas in your body.

It may seem like common sense, but we usually don’t think about breathing since it’s such a passive thing in our lives.

diaphragm and lungs

Take a deep breath. If your chest and shoulders rise when you take this breath, you are breathing wrong!

This type of breathing is weak and squeezes the throat area. Causing strain on your voice causes a strain on your chest and throat area.

You know you’re breathing correctly if your belly moves in and out and your chest and shoulders stay still. Breathing from your diaphragm when you speak gives your voice more power.

You want to talk from DEEP DOWN, not from your head voice.

Imagine you’re talking from deep down. Then try to talk from deep down. This isn’t a joke. Actually try to talk so deep down that you are talking from your balls.

You are going to be talking through your diaphragm, talk as you exhale.

In singing, there is the head voice and there is the chest voice. If you sing, I suggest you research those a bit further.

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Tip #4) Stretch Your Vocal Cords A Couple Minutes A Day

The longer and the thicker the person’s vocal cords are, the deeper the person’s voice is.

Barry White must have some long vocal cords. “Yeah, baby.”

This is mostly an innate thing, but I personally think that with enough practice with anything that the human body adapts.

Voice Deepening Technique:

Hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth and look straight up towards the ceiling to stretch them out.

Keep your shoulders back. It opens up your diaphragm and your chest.

Now, while still pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth, look as far left as you can for 20 seconds.

Now look as far right as you can for 20 seconds.

You will definitely feel the stretch.

#5) Teeter Totter: Do This After You Did The Vocal Cord Stretching Exercise

Now that you are already looking up and side to side, I want you to start humming at a low octave while stretching your neck upwards and then slowly bringing your head downwards.

Keep humming, lifting your head up, then back down where your chin is flat against your chest.

Do this about 10 times. It should take about 3 seconds from top to bottom.

It’ll sound like your neighbor cutting their grass or like you’re getting a haircut by some buzzing clippers. I’m doing it as I’m typing this.

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Tip #6) Say “Ting Tong” very very slowly with

Usually, people say “Ding Dong” doing this vocal deepening exercise, but If you get caught doing this, I don’t want your friend or family member looking at you twice as weird.

ding dong vocal exercise

Slowly say the following about 10 times.

“Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnng toooooooooooooooooonnnnng”

You may feel stupid, but it actually works really well! You will feel it working. I learned this from a professional course for expanding your vocal range for singing.

I needed it to help me do better demos for the artist I write for in LA.

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Tip #7) The Leaking Balloon 

Breathe deep into your diaphragm (your shoulders and chest should not raise when you breathe in).

Now, without contracting your abs, exhale very slowly through the back of your mouth and teeth while making a snake, “Tsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,” sound.

Start it with a “T” and end the entire last 9 1/2 seconds with an “S”.

It should take about 10 seconds to exhale properly.

Repeat this 5 times.

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Tip #8) Scream To Your Favorite Rock Song

Sounds stupid, but this exertion will break down the vocal cords forcing them to get stronger.

When I met Dizzy Wright in Chicago backstage in the green room, one thing we talked about was live performances. He told me that Tech N9ne told him that all the screaming on stage only strengthens your vocal cords over time.

Tech N9ne does over 200 shows a year. The guy clearly knows his voice and how it works.

That stuck with me. Thought I’d share that with you.

axl rose screamingThat is where I got this strategy from.

Turn on one of your favorite rock songs (My recommendations for this would be Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N’ Roses, TNT – AC/DC, Disturbed – Sickness) and just scream the lyrics of the song out loud.

Don’t do this around other people of course.

Do this in private so no one calls the mental hospital on you lol.

These types of vocal deepening exercises turn it into a game, but also make it easier since you are having fun for 3-4 minutes straight.

You only need to do it to 1 song. Feel free to do more than 1 song but just make sure you try it.

#9) Growl like the meanest dog you know, or just pretend you are DMX 

You heard me talk about this in the Rap Voice E-book. I used to do this allllllllll the time to break down my vocal cords.

You can even do the barks too if you want, not kidding.

This really “raspifies” the voice, making the voice deeper over time.

Please do not OVERDO this voice deepening exercise. Give adequate time for rest before doing them again.

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Tip #10) The Meditating Monk

Intake air into your belly (diaphragm) and as you exhale slowly over 10 seconds say “Hmmmm,” like a monk, or person meditating might do.

Allow your voice to vibrate through your stomach.

Allow your voice to be released through your stomach.


1) Your voice is lower and at a deeper tone right when you wake up each morning because your vocal cords were completely relaxed and reverberating at their proper register.

2) You can apply mentholated ointment to your chest before going to sleep. Record whatever you want to record with a deeper voice the next morning.

3) Hold your head up whenever you talk because when your head is up your vocal cords are stretched and you can use a deeper voice easier.

Holding your head up high also exudes confidence to people around you and makes you look more dominant. Anytime before I walk into a room, I use a technique called the hanging jaw technique. I pretend I am hanging by my jaw from any doorway. It forces me to remember to lift my chin up.

(W)rapping Up

These exercises on how to make your voice deeper will definitely benefit you if you start practicing and keep doing them.

You will instantly see results after your first day doing the 10 voice deepening exercises I listed above.

If you’d like more information on learning to build your voice for music purposes, feel free to check out my Rap Voice E-book which provides an entirely different perspective on building your voice to fit any circumstance in life through the use of mirror neurons using a 15-minute technique.


Do all of the exercises for how to make your voice deeper above at your own risk. SmartRapper.com and its owners and operators take no responsibility for your use of these techniques. The above is a compilation of the best information I have personally used and also the best information I have found around the internet for naturally creating a deeper voice. I am not responsible if you overstrain or damage your vocal cords. Do everything above in moderation and grow slowly. Stop immediately if you experience any pain or discomfort. Wait till you heal completely before doing anymore of the techniques listed in this E-book or anywhere else.

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