Smart Rapper Mastering

Smart Rapper Mastering

What Is Mastering?

Well instead of making you read a bunch of text on Mastering music I’d rather show you a video I made on music mastering.

In this video I show you a before and after of a song being mixed and mastered versus it just being unmixed with no master on it. 

Look How Much Other Sites Charge

Mastering can get expensive! And these prices aren’t even THAT crazy from the numbers above. 

BIG TIME music mastering engineers make around $10,000-$20,000 to Master an entire album. We are talking the top of the top.

That’s absolutely INSANE, right?


Who Is This Service For?

This service is for up and coming rappers who don’t have the money lying around to just throw at music mastering.

Generally rappers don’t even realize they need their song mastered so they don’t even take it into account for their budget.

Then having to spent $1,500 on getting a full project mastered is really eating into your marketing budget that will actually get your music heard.

Who wants that?

For $1,500 you can buy almost all of my Masterclasses that would make you $150,000 back in your music career. 

Smart Rapper’s Mastering prices are literally 1/10th cost of the competitions because I made a deal with a company letting them know I will bring them SO MUCH BUSINESS they can give it to me at a massively discounted rate. 

That’s why you can’t find music mastering prices anywhere else for this price. No one else has the audience and fan base to be able to get this kind of bulk discount. 


Why I Started Smart Rapper Mastering

  1. It’s tough to be able to trust someone with your songs. You already trust me and you know I have YOUR best interest in mind. 
  2. I wanted to be able to offer as many services as possible to help you get to your goals faster.

    I know as artists we procrastinate and make a bunch of excuses so we feel content with not moving forward. One of those excuses is usually “Oh my song isn’t perfect so I can’t release it. It’s not mastered.”

    Well that’s why I am eliminating that entire thought process. You have no reason to say that anymore. Not for this price. 


How Smart Rapper Mastering It Works

  1. You pay the tiny fee for mastering that is usually 10 times higher
  2. You are brought to a page where you can upload your mixed but NOT MASTERED song
  3. Give us up to 72 hours and we return 2 new mastered versions for you to choose from that you get to keep. They are sent right to you.
  4. Upload your song to YouTube and all other streaming services with more confidence.
  5. Come see us again next time you need a song mastered.

It’s REALLY that easy.


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