Mixtape Level Benefits

All 100% FREE Just For Being A Mix Tape Level Member

1) Access To All Of The Music Contracts To Protect You Legally

This is 175 contract templates you can simply adjust and use in the industry to protect yourself in deals. It also helps you feel more comfortable knowing you signed a contract when you do any business with anyone. It’s better for both parties involved.

These are all 100% Free for mix tape level Smart Rapper Community Members


2) Access To The Smart Rapper Community Forums

Unlike any other forum on the internet, this is where the best upcoming rappers (like yourself) learn and grow together. It’s where we share ideas, collaborate and help each other get to the next level.

You can also get a lot of views on your music from all of the support of other upcoming artists checking you out and giving you feedback.


3) Full Access To Every Music Industry Contacts

When I say “EVERY”… oh boy do I mean EVERY. There are thousands of contacts to every end of the music industry in there. No matter where you want to submit your music or build a relationship to network and grow, you have the connect in these lists.

Just look… Lawyers, Mix Engineers, Record Label A & Rs, Vocal Coaches, Music Supervisors for Movies and TV Shows.

This alone is worth being a member of the Smart Rapper Community.



4) Full How To Build Your Own Website To Sell Merch And Lock Down Your Rap Name Course

I teach you how to build your website, lock down your domain names and set up online stores so you can sell your own merchandise and make more money.

This is a very powerful tool because after I teach you how to make websites you can get other people to pay YOU to make their websites for them.


5) How To Build An E-mail List To Get More Views, Make More Money And Keep Fans

If you don’t have an E-mail list yet… what the heck is wrong with you!? You probably just didn’t know the massive power it has. You can literally make $1,000+ a month even as a new artist just by having an e-mail list with your current fans on it.

Don’t worry, this course is FREE and I teach you how to do all of it.


6) Full Copyrighting Music Course + Trademarking

To protect your music from thieves and crooks that want to steal your great ideas. I show you the true way to copyright and protect your music.


7) How To Get Sponsored By A Clothing Company Course – Coming Soon

In this course I give you a list of contact information for 100’s of urban clothing companies that might sponsor you. Give you free clothing and even pay you to rep their clothes.

Most artists don’t even consider doing this but this is Smart Rapper. The fact I already spent 3 days collecting their information will save you time too. Then I show you how to properly reach out to them.


8) How To Record Yourself At Home On A Low Budget – Coming Soon

In this course I teach you how to start recording yourself at home for barely any money. I teach you how to set up microphones, preamps and rooms and make sure you know how to get an amazing recording for the lowest possible price.

I’ll even show you how to set up the software, route the inputs and outputs and more.


9) Basics Of Using Pro Tools Course – Coming Soon

I’ll show you how to mix your music yourself using FREE PRO TOOLS.


10) How To Get Collabs With Big Rappers – Coming Soon

I talk to big rappers managers ALL THE TIME. I talk about collabs, how much they cost, how long it takes to get them delivered and more. In this course I teach you how to reach out to rapper’s managers and the process of making the collab go through.

I also teach you when the right time is to actually reaching out, how your profile needs to look when you do and what to expect when if you get the collab.


11) How To Collab With Rappers Online Course – Coming Soon

People have been asking me for this course for a while now and I’ve already made the entire layout for it so it’ll be done soon!

In this course I teach you every single step of collabbing online. Everything from how to initiate the collaboration and choose people to collab with to exporting your vocals properly and how to send them so the other artist can get them mixed properly.

I also show you how to get them mixed if you are the artist receiving the vocals. It took me time to learn this stuff and that’s why I now teach this stuff to you.



This Is Free But What About If I Pay?

I don’t even want you to worry about paying YET. I want to help you and provide you with information so you know I care.

Look at all this free stuff I’m giving you. I want you to see I can help and know I care. Then when you see the value in the free stuff you will know the paid stuff will change everything for you.

Of course there are higher paying levels where you get a TON more stuff like secret marketing strategies and more but the mixtape level is 100% free.

You can join FREE forever and be a member of the community and if you ever want to upgrade you can at the click of a button.



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