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How Do You Know This Is Real?

If you are asking yourself “How do I know this is real?”


“How do I know this is something that will actually help my career if I get chosen?”

The answer is really simple.

Think about this, you are getting on a song where I am also on the song.

I usually charge $1,500 for a collaboration from me. That doesn’t include me promoting it to my fan base, Instagram and 2 YouTube channels.

That’s another $1,500 minimum!

If you get chosen for this you are already AHEAD $3,000.

Let’s say you low balled me and got these things for $500 somehow (Would never happen btw).

Would you not pay $500 for a verse or hook from an artist with my fan base size?

All you need to exposure to blow yourself up, right?

Would you not pay $500 for me to promote your song to my music channel, the Smart Rapper channel, The Smart Rapper Instagram and my 340,000+ Instagram followers?

This is a winning situation for you no matter how you look at it.

I am helping artists…

And if you can’t tell…

it’s kind of my thing. 

If you get chosen, just from collaborating with me you are already winning and that doesn’t even include the $15,000 in marketing and 40+ other rappers helping market this mixtape so YOU get heard.

  1. You get bragging rights that YOU were on the very 1st Smart Rapper Project
  2. You get bragging rights YOU collaborated with me (I’m gaining 20,000 Followers/Subs a month right now!)
  3. YOU get $15,000 pushing this mix tape to 15+ MILLION PEOPLE!
  4. YOU get 45 OTHER Rappers promoting the mix tape as a whole


I’m not trying to sell you a dream here. I am offering you a serious opportunity. You are going to be on songs with me and I will be spending A LOT of time promoting you.

Other artists on this tape will be spending time marketing this tape too so you get heard.

I am only picking the artists I see potential in. If you don’t think you are GREAT yet, don’t submit.


If you believe you are meant for this and you are really good and are truly pursuing a music career and want to get heard, you NEED to submit.

As soon as you submit your song(s), you will be sent to the blueprint layout of how everything will work for this tape.

I break it all down for you and I explain what will happen if you are chosen for the tape, the marketing dollars and everything else.

Rob, Why Does It Cost To Submit?

First off, YOU are getting a personalized Smart Rapper Song Review Sheet.

1) This process takes A LOT of time for me and my team. We will listen to each song you submit from start to finish. We will get thousands of submissions but imagine just 1,000 submissions for a second.

1,000 songs that are 3 minutes long is 3,000 minutes of listening for my team and I.

That’s 50 HOURS of listening for the 3 people listening to these songs to review who gets chosen. THAT’S 150 MAN HOURS! Our time is valuable so there is the first big reason. We are taking time away from my Social Media Agency to do this. I have to pay my team for their time.

2) This weeds out music artists who are not serious. I can’t have 20,000 rappers submit and listen to 1,000 HOURS of song submissions. But I can and will listen to 1,000 music artist who believed in their music enough to pay to submit to something I am building, creating and launching.

I know you understand that.

3) This guarantees we care enough to take the time to listen to your song fully. If you send me something free, I’m not going to feel compensated for my time. You know I’m always upfront and honest with you.

This Could Launch Your Career

I have to say this again… 5 to 15 MILLION PEOPLE is the estimated reach of the marketing campaign for the Smart Rapper Mixtape.

People who are chosen for the mixtape will be given a detailed list of expenses showing where the marketing dollars go and everything so you can learn how to market music as well.

If you are good you could get chosen. So what does it hurt to at least submit?

The more songs you submit, the more songs of yours we listen to and the better your chances to get on the tape.

Ever notice someone likes one out of every 3 songs you show them? That happens for a reason.

After your submit, you will be brought to the Mixtape Blue Print page where I show you how to send your songs to us.

Please don’t show anyone this page, it is a secret for people who submit!

I also explain a full break down of how the mixtape will work on that page.

Choose Amount Of Songs To Submit
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