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Music Promotion Companies Are Usually Scams

First off I want to say this… I ran an social media marketing agency, had fortune 500 clients, huge models, playmates and made A LOT OF MONEY with big names.

So when I tell you guys what I am about to tell you in this video, trust me, it’s because I know how this works and I’ll explain to you why most of these music promotion companies don’t make any sense with their pricing and how you can tell it’s a scam.

At the end of this video I am going to tell you how a lot of these low cost music marketing companies run their scams so you can see the light.

I have actually had fans of Smart Rapper DM me asking about some of them and I’ve shown them why they are scams and then those pages block me lol

People also DM anyone and everyone saying they heard their song and want to help them blow up and then try to sell them marketing promotion when the artist is clearly no where near ready to be marketed.

People think a music marketing company can magically blow them up, they can’t. But they prey on your hopes of instant success and try to get every music artist they can into the funnel.

Think about this… People ask me if I do music promotion for artists about 20 times a day… If I charged artists just $100 to do this I could be making $2,000 extra a day… but you know why I DON’T do artist music marketing?

1) Music Promotion Companies Want More Than $3 An Hour

As an artist myself I understand how complicated it is to and how MASSIVELY time consuming it is to do marketing and branding.

And how it’s even harder to gain fans for someone ESPECIALLY in the beginning since they don’t have their brand put together yet.

After this part you’ll understand why most of the music marketing companies are scams if they are cheaper.

And if you gave me $100, if I paid myself $20 an hour you’re only getting 5 hours of work from me.

A lot of these music promotion companies charge $100 to $250 for a music marketing campaign

You have to take into account the work and effort it costs to set up a real campaign for a music artist. Building the marketing materials, the press kits and more.

If I wanted to REALLY set up a marketing campaign for you that would truly benefit YOU, it would take me at least 4 hours to go through your catalog and build a campaign and strategy JUST FOR YOU.

Then after that I would have to spend the time to market the ideas and push things over the course of a couple weeks and stay in contact with playlists and blogs and retry to send stuff out to get you placed.

Do you know ANYONE… that would work for $100 to $250 for a couple weeks worth of work? If the person was REALLY doing the hours of work for you to HELP YOu, they would be making like $3 an hour.

Well that’s why that’s the red flag and proof that NOT MUCH work is going into marketing your song.

These companies take an artist and just mass e-mail them to the Spotify playlists and blog e-mails they have and just “Sees what sticks”

Uhm, you could collect the same data and contact info they have and do the same thing which would probably be better, you know why?

Because these guys are sending everyone’s music who pays them to ALL these same playlists and people.

These playlists that are even useful are probably tired of this guy e-mailing them anyone and everyone’s music who is willing to pay. Most of it is garbage, they don’t deny anyone because they want the money.

2) Why I don’t take upcoming artists money for music promotion

Besides the fact I’m super honest and that’s why I wouldn’t take your money, it’s Because it’s very hard to help most artists because they try to release songs or try to buy services to help them grow before they are really ready for that push.

People release songs and say “I’m amazing” and the truth is, unless you have written at least 100 songs and recorded them, you probably aren’t near ready or put together enough to be pushing songs like they are singles.

Also, everyone’s music marketing campaign would be different because while artists may sound similar, no 2 artists are the same nor should they be marketed exactly the same.
So the time HAS to be put in to set up everything for artists.

On the end, a lot of these music promotion companies start playlists of their own with cool names and place you on them.

Don’t think for a second they can’t BUY followers for Spotify playlists… it cost like $5 per thousand fake followers. Then they tell you you’re getting put on a playlist THEY OWN that has 10k followers.

Yet you’ll get like 8 plays from the playlist lol

I made a video on how you can track what playlists you have been put on on Spotify and also how you can see how many views you got from each playlist because that’s how you can tell if it’s legit.

You get posted on a playlist with a million followers and got 14 plays, something is fishy.

Another way they do it is they will do playlist music promotion for like 20 bucks and they pay other playlists that look more established.

So these companies pay 10 playlists $1 to put your song on there for 7 days, and pocket the other $10 and they accept ANYONE who pays.

No one listens to these playlists.

5 artists a day paying $20 means they leave with $50 profit a day and the playlists they are paying don’t care because they are getting paid too.

But this is how they run their useless scam.

Another way these fake music promotion companies work is they will accept $100 from you, then spend $50 buying Spotify Streams, Artist followers, Sound Cloud Plays, Fake comments and more by using sites like to make it look like you gained REAL fans and for most artists, they think it’s real.

I am making this video to protect you and to also let you know a lesson I have learned in life, you get what you pay for. If the music marketing thing costs less than $300… It’s probably NOT worth it.

But also just because it costs a little more doesn’t mean it’s real either.
You need to background check these companies before you spend your hard earned money. And don’t just believe credits you’ve seen on their pages. Anyone can say anything, where is the proof?

If you learn how to do your own music marketing, you’ll develop a mindset for getting your music heard. And that is WAY more important than having to pay every time you have a song come out.

Wouldn’t you love the confidence that you can market your music YOURSELF when you drop a song? Why pay someone else when you can spend that money on ads or paying micro influencers to promote your song or music with a smart marketing strategy?

After my massive push for my new song SPRAY that me and MY in house team are doing a marketing campaign for based on strategies I’ve built over the years, I’ll be releasing a fully in-depth course on how to run Facebook ads, Youtube ads, our results, how to get placements with influencers and WAY MORE.

And this will be real results, what worked, what didn’t AND MORE and you’ll learn more from my course than any of these promotion companies even know.

Because they aren’t artists like us, they haven’t scraped pennies together to market themselves, they haven’t released dozens of singles like ME and seen what worked and what didn’t from every angle.

But I have for the last 9 years and I’m going to make you a Smarter Rapper.

If you want to informed when the course for all these strategies releases comes out, sign up with your e-mail below and I’ll let you know in the next few months when it comes out.
It’ll be the most comprehensive music marketing course ever made.

Learn to do it yourself!

I got your back.

– Rob Level

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