How I Prevent Myself From Going To Jail Everyday

How I Prevent Myself From Going To Jail Everyday

Smart rapper. Today we’re actually going to talk about. It. To me ask you this question. I get SDM yesterday as well this morning I woke up to it. Man. How do you stay so.

Damn happy all the time man. How do you do that bro. Because. In order to create an order to be an artist in order to do anything you know that you want to do to be successful you have to be able to overcome the obstacles of being negative and being sad and depressed and angry and stuff like that. So that’s how I you know that I used to be very angry actually be very.

Angry. I used to like you know. Even to the point where somebody says shit to me. I go to the house I’m broken said the house beat some people got you know. Criminal got breaking and entering the criminal trespass and. Three years of court ordered anger management talking to a therapist every week. Which was all right. Yeah I used to have a lot of anger builds up you know parents and I just felt like a band in my whole life and stuff like that so. I had to overcome. All of this anger and you know and stuff like that I’m not the guy so you know the things that I do to kind of to overcome that stuff because it’s still there it’s still with you. Which is that the refrain you bring and we’re going to talk about that. You’re going to become a smarter rapper and that’s going to help you in your goals in the long run. And I’m going to step right to the intra.

So the thing is this right like if you ever feel like you’re depressed or angry or you see something and it triggers you to be even more angry which happens to me all the time. So he looks at me funny and I have this immediate. Revert. I immediately get frustrated like What the fuck you look in that type shit. You know what I’m saying and that you like and that could just spark all his other thoughts and shit and then you get angry and it’s just like because it’s like how I was raised you know. And. It’s it’s frustrating. First of all you can’t walk around be like that you’re going to be a successful person. Be like that. I is just going to get you in trouble. And you can only get in trouble x amount of time before you get locked away forever.

OK. So the thing here is that you need to. You need to learn to overcome it aside from being angry Alesina Anglos who are depressed or I love people that have depression I have depression. I was on. You know I like the Roman army I was on I was on Depakote or Zasloff which is for depression on Depakote which is for like what the fuck is f word. It was like whatever fuckings for shit. And then I was on Ritalin of course. But all of these things you know like. I would be depressed shit like that and have to overcome that and I didn’t overcome depression for a long time and that’s why I wish I knew what I’m about to tell you right now. Which is really it’s just about.

How I Prevent Myself From Going To Jail Everyday

Immediately when a thought comes to you that’s angry or depressing or sad or painful. The next thing you need to do is you need to look for something positive. And it it’s going to sound corny. You know until you get used to this but looking for the positive in something all in anything and all is always going to it’s going to make your life so much better.

Stress Stress will kill you. Stress is terrible for your body. Stress is not good. Being depressed being sad being frustrated and angry those things are all horrible and they’re not going to help you. And your life is not going to help you want to move to the next level with anything you know so as soon as you can overcome your depression. I’m being sad. And all these things the better off you’re going to be. So as soon as any type of negative thoughts comes into your brain even for a split second try to cut it off and if it does get cut off the neck start and your brain needs to be OK. But why.

Like like like why am I thinking like that. Oh I’m not worried about that. Like. Like why would why would I think like that like actually assess the thought that you just had. When you assess the thoughts the thought loses the power. For instance I think oh I’m so sad. Then you think. You go. Oh. Why am I. Like what am I so sad about what’s making me sad. Just that question alone just asking yourself that alone. Is already going to make you think why am I saying.

It’s already going to question the sadness. You’ll be less sad just asking yourself why myself. Why am I not France. Why do I feel like this. And then think. I don’t need to feel like this. I don’t need to be like these because you really don’t. It’s just like if you ever feel someone you can always immediately change it by actually looking at it and addressing it mingling. That. Thing like that. You know. Like you ever been super fucking angry about something. And then. You think about something else and then that anger actually literally goes away until you think about the anger again if you just change your thought process to change your thinking about you change which is worrying about you change.

You know you just you just changed direction. The red herring it you go about this. You either address it like I said or you just change the subject only get in your brain you go why about anything. And every time it comes back to it again only thing when I think about it right. That happens all the time. OK. To either assess it or change the subject of your mind to something else. Because. When you’re thinking about that it can create pain for you. You know and. It’s going to be hard to do this in first when she really into the habit of doing that. You’re. You get a meal to do it. It took me a long time to get to a point where I could overcome these thoughts because in the beginning when your brain is now wired to redirect your thought process is something happier or something that actually matters or when you’re not used to be able to having a consciousness. Which is what a consciousness really is is being able to assess.

Your mind. It’s like this extra mind inside of your mind that lets you. Look at what your brain is thinking and go why you want why is this happening you’re assessing yourself you’re conscious of your self. Right. And.

How I Prevent Myself From Going To Jail Everyday

That’s really what it is. So like when you can get you it’s going to take you time to reach that point but when you get to that point your life is going to get a lot better for you because you’re always to be able to turn things around in your mind you’re not going to be sad. You’re not going to be upset you’re not going to be depressed because you’re just going to go in and flip the switch. But you have to get used to doing it. So you need start doing it now. I’m telling you right now today as soon as you. Have. A.

Bad thoughts or negative thought a depressing thought immediately either untrusted into yourself. Look at it assess it. And or. Change your mind about it. Say. Something I’m. Safe. With. This. And try. To ease. Your mind. So if you get hurt by a girl or something she really broke your heart. You can not get over that. That used to be how it was for me. You know when I was younger you know the people you love or whatever you think about it. When you started why your brain now somebody hurts some civil rights really never really happened no more but if it did happen I would reply ok whatever. Just think about something else. I mean bully blocked it out and because I can do that. I’m capable of just moving forward with my goals. That stuff will not hold you back any more. You can’t let things hold you back you can be furious or angry about things. Those people who have ripped me off in business they sold me 15 grand this before I had any money and I spent my money you know trying to make sure that I got this stuff going.

I spent all my last dollars making it go I had a contract with them and they owed me 50 grand. And I spent three grand to get it going. And they never paid me like I’m still waiting to sue them because as they get more money on suing for more money. But the thing is is that. That guy is lucky that I kept my calm and that I’m me because old me would have went right to jail and because of that. You know that’s that really. Listen this is Save me the build up move your brain over and shift it is going to save you from the pressure is going to change if I get in trouble. It’s going to make you more money. It’s going to make you a better person. Going to help you overcome fear. OK. Same thing you do the same thing when you’re fearful when you’re when you have any type of fear or you get stage fright just change it just about changing reframing your brain the perspective.

How I Prevent Myself From Going To Jail Everyday

And just change your mind what you can learn to control your mind you’re to be superhuman. That’s what this is what this is the type of thought process that sets people apart from other people. It’s a type of thought process where people actually have control their brains they can actually grow. Right. I know I’m kind of. Babbling but I still feel like it’s useful information. You have to. Rewire your brain. For success to rewire your brain for a better you for happier you even if you’re not trying to reach for a goal. Just be happier. By doing those things I just told you. Right now I know some of these videos are rhapsodize but I don’t always want to talk about. I was noticing you know my system was like know these videos are homestudy of it you know you needed change. OK. All right well you know let’s change up the stuff that you know so I’m just going over this with you guys you know doing some of these might because the mind is the most important thing I’ve ever read. OK. So use became a smarter wrapper.

Israel is not the word of the day no words to say no words of the bombs in Foya were made by the Italian leader’s video. You’ll be smart. It was mofo.

Lots of notes of another one of the faces of the day is enervated it’s to cause something to lose his vitality to fatigue something or make it tired like these three hours of sleep and getting a night is not enough.

Leaving me very enervated and we would like him in a calm and help to solve this up yeah let me know. Yeah okay. And then hit me with a comment miss you for Bartolome. You guys have any questions have any questions let me know so I can potentially answer them humanly fear depression worries if any questions specifically related to those things. I’ve fricken been there and I have strong coaching of so sometimes it gets a lot is about depression.

I almost committed suicide. Being so depressed over so many things that you’ll listen to my music. I’m always so honest you can see all the scenes of really happening in my life. So like I’m making this up like taking my son into the shit. That you guys.

You know. So I’m just trying to help you. So yeah anyways. You. Have these other videos. And I will see you guys tomorrow with another. Video.

Okay so I should describe button yellowbelly and doozie notified everyday when I’m releasing new video. All right. She has tomake plus.


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