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Hip Hop Sound Effects


I am in the process of SUPER amping up Smart Rapper on the site and on the YouTube channel to really start providing the best information and content for upcoming rappers.

I’m talking about 2 new videos a week at the minimum!

In the process of that I wanted to make sure I add as much entertainment value to my new content so people are being entertained while they learn.

So I decided I could do that by adding rap sound effects from big name rappers into the new videos.


Hip Hop Sound Effects Problem I Had

I didn’t just want a few sound effects, I wanted a plethora of options.

After searching for a way to download a ton of hip hop sound effects for 15 minutes I realized I was just going to have to use therapboard.com in order to capture the effects, then convert them into MP3s.

The problem here is that after I do this for myself, other people still would have the same issue I had and they couldn’t just download the hip hop sound effects on their own. They would actually have to take the time to do all of the work I just did.

So I took an entire day to make sure this was never an issue for anyone again.

I made 170 individual Hip Hop Sound Effect videos. Titled them, made unique name thumbnails for them, and even keywords and descriptions that are all unique for each video.

I just wanted to help.


What I Did With The Hip Hop Sound Effects


I captured the audio from TheRapBoard.com and personally cut up every single rappers catch phrases and sayings into individual videos.

I also recorded the entire sound board as one whole video and released that.

Now people can download the entire catalog of sound effects or just search and get the individual sound effects from the Smart Rapper YouTube Channel.


Hip Hop Sound Effects Free Download How To

Since I cut all of the rap sound effects and hip hop sound effects into individual videos, anyone can use tools like OffLiberty.com or KeepVid.com and just download the audio as an MP3.

Then the person who needs the rap and hip hop sound effects will have the file.

No more worrying about recording your computer audio figuring out how to get a hip hop sound effects free download.


Number 1

1. Simply go the video you want the audio from

You can go here to choose rap sound effects individually from the playlist I made.

It will look like this

rap sound effects sound board




Number 2

2. Copy the URL to the rap sound effects

Once you click anyone of the videos you just highlight and copy the URL.

The URL is everything before the ampersand ‘&’. Yea that’s what that symbol is called haha.

hip hop sound effects free download




Number 3

3. Go to OffLiberty.com Or KeepVid.com and put the URL into the link spot

Here is a preview of what the link spots look like.

Just put the URL you copied into the box in either site and hit download on KeepVid or click ‘off’ on Offliberty

hip hop sound effects


hip hop sound effects 2




Number 4

4. Download as MP3/Audio

Follow the instructions and you will have the rap sound effects you want.

rap sound effects 2




Number 5

5. Now you have the hip hop sound effects to use




Now you get more!

Rap Sound Effects Play List Individually


Entire Rap Sound Effects Soundboard As One File

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wrapping up

I hope this helps some people. It took me a lot of time and effort to do and was extremely tedious lol


Special thanks to TheRapBoard.com for compiling all of those sound effects into one place. Unfortunately they weren’t downloadable. Still a really cool sound board!


Rob Level

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