Secrets Of Hashtags On Instagram (Video)

Secrets Of Hashtags On Instagram

Stay till the end for the SECRET about hashtags that no one even realizes

1) Don’t put the hashtags in the CAPTION, put it as the first comment

2) Using hashtags for growth – use at least 11 every time you post. THe more you post the more places your picture goes.

3) Don’t keep using the SAME hashtags every time. Use DIFFERENT hashtags often so your profile gets groups of DIFFERENT and NEW users

4) Pay attention to TRENDING hashtags. When they happen, they happen fast and 1000s of people are looking through them that day. So make a post using that tag once an hour to increase people to your page.

5) The more you post, the more hashtags you get to use. Post 2 or 3 times a day and you get your pictures spread to more places

6) TEST Hashtags, I’ve used make up and other hashtags
You can always look for the FOLLOW4FOLLOW hashtags and follow those people


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