Smart Rapper Now Has Beats From Amazing Producers For You

Smart Rapper Beats

Smart Rapper Beats

Smart Rapper Beats

Beats From Producers From Smart Rapper

I know we have TONS of new upcoming rappers visiting Smart Rapper everyday so I figured it would be a great idea to offer what rappers truly need…. BEATS!

I have gathered a group of super producers to create beats just for Smart Rapper fans like you.

These are beats you CAN NOT find anywhere else.

Smart Rapper Beats

All beat leases are only $10 and that gives you the rights to:

Regular Leasing Rights:

i. Receive the (untagged) beat in an MP3 file.

ii. Use it in mixtapes, albums, local radio play, performances, videos and promotion.

iii. Limited to 2,000 unit sales (digital and/or physical).

Basic leases are perfect and more than enough for new upcoming rappers.

Smart Rapper Beats

You can find all of our beats from producers here.

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