So… Drake DID Steal His Style From Soulja Boy

Drake DID Steal His Style From Soulja Boy

Today’s Word Of The Day Is Transitory. Stick around to see what it means in the end of the video! You’ll become a Smarter Rapper.

What an interesting topic of discussion. One that I think all you smart rappers can learn from today by seeing the proof of how popular music affects everyone, even our big artists like Drake.

Did drake stealing soulja boy’s song? Did drake stealing soulja boy im on one? Did drake stealing soulja boy kiss me thru the phone?

I try to tell you guys everyone that you are inspired and influenced by ANY music you listen too.

You take subtle things from artists even if you do it accidentally.

Every artist you have ever listened to on repeat at any time in your life has seeped into your subconscious understanding of how to create music and what you think it should sound like and therefore, your music style.

This is why when I do live reviews I can generally tell who you have listened to heavily into the past.

Now this doesn’t mean your entire style was built from that artist, your style is built from ALL music you have listened too and will come out mostly from what you have been listening to recently when you create music.

At the Time of drakes initial come up, soulja boy was a lot more popular musically.

And since, drake has been insanely popular and there is no doubt Drake’s style has leaked into soulja boy from soulja boy listening back to him.

There is no doubt In my mind that soulja boys style leaked into Drake especially since songs like kiss me thru the phone were so catchy and popular back in 2008 and 2009.

Crank dat made soulja boy a household name. He was insanely popular.

But to say he gave drake his style… drakes primary style is built on lil Wayne’s style and that’s completely common sense.

But Soulja Has valid points and CAN point out things that do show Drake was clearly listening to him back around 2009.

I wanted to make this video to show you the proof of how building your music style works.

Listen to whatever you want your music style to sound like. Because that is what is going to seep into your music style.

You can listen to Soulja Boys new records and tell the exact rappers he is clearly listening to A LOT. Because his new style sounds absolutely NOTHING like he used to sound.

You just became a Smarter Rapper.

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– Rob Level

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