So You Can Rap… Now What Should You Do?

So You Can Rap… Now What Should You Do?

You Built Your Rap Style, Now What? Whats Next?

To be honest, you are always developing. You are always getting better by learning more and applying ideas on a regular basis. Learn What you should be doing is everything as a whole

You need to be doing for yourself what a record label would be doing for you except you are going to be doing ALL of the jobs.

You have to realize that every little thing you do to move forward is helping you with everything.

Making connections is going to help you meet more producers to make music, meet people who know video people to help you get good deals on music videos. They also open up avenues to make more income for yourself to reinvest back into your career.

Realistically your career just starts when you get good at making songs. Then it’s all business and songwriting from there. Keep that in mind.

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