The Best FREE Phone Apps For Rappers / Artist / Singers

best phone apps for rappers and singers

The Best FREE phone Apps For Rappers / Artist / Singers

1) Tape A Talk Recorder 

When you have an idea and you want to remember the idea, the best way to do that is to explain the idea to yourself in a tape recorder for later!

I record melodies and song ideas every time I write a song using this tool. Then I go back and listen to the song melodies and ideas as I write the song. It is actually a HUGELY useful tool. Probably more useful than you realize.

When I make my Guide on how to write songs you will see how much I use this thing. It is amazing and best of all it is FREE 99. 😀

You just hit the BIG RED button and start recording.

You can also send the file to your email from the app but it does take a bit of time sometimes. 😀

The Best FREE phone apps for Rappers

2) Color Note Sticky – Ever Note

I have 20,000 ideas go through my head everyday. Sometimes I like those thoughts and so I write them down. But If I am not at my computer, say I am in the kitchen eating or in the bathroom, or OUT somewhere, I need to remember that idea NOW! I may have another idea in 2 seconds or I might forget this good idea. So I need to save it!

Sometimes you can’t use the tape recorder tool because you are around people and you don’t want them to hear what you are thinking lol

The Best FREE phone apps for Rappers

You also will find it annoying to have to go back through and listen to yourself talk for 5 minutes sometimes lol


This is a MUST HAVE tool.

You NEED to have a pad to remember all of your ideas. I mean… this is just one of the 6 screens on my cell phone. There are these notes across all the screens except one.

Look at how I use it lol

NOTE: I blanked out what is inside of the pads for obvious reasons and edited some of the names 😉

The Best FREE phone apps for Rappers

3) Alarm Clock Xtreme Free

The reason I LOVE this alarm so much is because it has a MATH function. Every SINGLE day of my life when I wake up… The alarm WILL NOT TURN OFF until I complete mathematical problems.

This sparks my brain into instant use, wakes me up and I can also do math like it’s not shit now. 😀

The Best FREE phone apps for Rappers

This makes sure you GET UP ON TIME. Because your brain is now working and you aren’t sleeping anymore.


This tool fights that!

You can set 1 math problem up to 10 math problems and set the difficulty of the math problem.

You can crescendo the music so it starts off low and slowly turns up to gradually wake you up instead of BLASTING you awake.


All great tools! AND THEY ARE FREE! So you should go get them 🙂


You probably expected me to have a rhyming dictionary or some other writing tool in here, but honestly, I do that all on my computer. All the dictionary and rhyming apps I have seen are too cheap compared to the tools I use online.

Occasionally I do use a BPM counter that I have on my phone. For the most part though I just use the one on my computer lol

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