The Best Place To Get Beats Online (w/ Instructions On D/L)

As Far As Beatsbest place for rap beats This Will Be Quick and simple!

In this part I am going to show you how to find the beats to write and record your music too.

These next few parts I’ll be covering:

1) Where to get the very best beats,
2) Using those beats and the kinds of leases and purchasing you have for them.
3) The kind of leases you need to buy and not buy and
4) If you need track outs or stems for the beats. As well as what a Track Out/Stem is.

There are many many many websites to get beats from. Here are the Top 3 sites to find yourself some beats to rap on


SITE 2 )

SITE 3 )

Almost anyone who is an amateur to serious producer posts their beats on Soundclick and they have their own personal website linked inside of the page. So just goto Sound Click!

Here is how you get to the beats step by step and some tips

1. On the front page of click on Beats/Instrumentals

Sound Click Downloading for rappers and artist

2. On the chart page you can

1) Choose Full Charts or

2) Choose a specific chart based on a beat type that corresponds to your style.

Sound Click Downloading for rappers and artist

3. Click one of the little play buttons by the beat name to play the beat or you can click on the name of beat maker and go to their page. Then you can play the beats the same way there.

Sound Click Downloading for rappers and artist

4. When on their page there will be a player for you to play through ALL of their beats.

Sound Click Downloading for rappers and artist

5. To download the beat you like click the down arrow which is the download button
Sound Click Downloading for rappers and artist

6. If the download button isn’t there. Sign up for my Email list for the secret on how to get the beat even if you aren’t allowed to download it. 


Good luck villains. 

– NovAK 



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