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sundcloudThe Best Sound Cloud Marketing Software

The Best Sound Cloud Marketing tools

Sound Cloud is a bit tricky when it comes to marketing but don’t worry I gotchu!

I was looking for a software that I could use to automatically gain fans for me when I was doing other important activities, like writing songs, or sleeping. 😀

Similar to the softwares I showed you for Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr that all run all day and gain me fans.

Since I wasn’t SUPER into Sound Cloud, I never felt like spending the money on an automation software for it.

But now that I already have ALL of the other softwares and I see even the less important sites like Tumblr and Pinterest gaining me fans, I definitely would benefit from having a Sound Cloud software.

So I went in search of one and I found one. It is pretty awesome.

Here are a list of features that benefit YOU

1) Auto Follow Users

2) Auto Unfollow Users

3) Auto Commenting on tracks

4) Auto Direct Message People which sends them an E-mail.

5) Increase Sound Cloud Downloads

6) Give your tracks as many plays and as often as you want

7) Auto Share Tracks To Users

8) Auto Share Tracks To Groups

9) Bulk Create Sound Cloud Create Accounts (Make 100+ profiles)

You can see why I’d consider it The Best Sound Cloud Marketing Software

You can make Sound Cloud profiles in Bulk! It is a bit tricky and I warn you to be careful. But once you have them created you can make them all like your track and re-post your track as well as comment on your track.

That is a pretty insane feature.

I am not SUPER seasoned on this since I Just got my hands on it. But it is pretty amazing so far.

Check It Out Here


Also this software is kept up to date. They even have a update part on their site that shows you all the recent updates in the software along with what was fixed and the date.

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