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You’re going to love this Tube Buddy Review

If you want to REALLY be able to stay in touch with fans, and make them HARDCORE fans one person at a time. You need to start doing what I would have been doing my entire career if I knew it was possible to be THIS easy.

Are you ready?

Anytime someone subscribes to your Youtube channel because you were smart enough to set up everything I showed you here My Youtube Super Weapon to gain fans when you’re sleeping


Here are the huge benefits of this FREE Plug in to YOU

1) Anyone who is a fan of mine knows that I ALWAYS stay in touch with my fans. So of course my favorite feature of Tube Buddy is that I can go to my subscribers panel and see all of the users who have subscribed to me. Then from that page I can just click the Tube Buddy button and directly message my new subscriber from a list of PRE MADE welcome messages.

Then after I hit send, it shows a GREEN dot so I know I have already messaged the user AND it automatically moves to the next subscriber in the list and I repeat. 🙂

2) You can make a UNIQUE thumbnail for your video so you get more clicks on your video. Everyone knows the thumbnail is one of the biggest secrets of gaining a video click on Youtube.

It allows you to choose still frame from your video, a solid color, or an image. Then you can even add layers of text and any font. You do it ALL on Youtube. I used to have to take a screen shot of the video, open Photoshop, import it, edit it, export it, go to YouTube and upload the thumbnail. Not Anymore!

3) One of the coolest features of any software I have ever seen. In One click you automatically put an annotation/pop up INSIDE of ALL of your other videos that say “Check out my latest video.” Doing this used to take me 30-45 minutes. Now it’s done instantly!

4) One click to AUTOMATICALLY add a link into the description of EVERY Youtube video you have that has a link to your latest Youtube Video upload. Again… this used to take me 30-45 minutes because I have SO MANY videos!

5) One click share button to post your video to ANY social media network. It also tells you if you have already shared it on that network or not. Pretty neat.

6) There are a TON of other features that all save you TONS of time. A side from getting Tube Assist to market your videos, you should get Tube Buddy to help optimize your Youtube channel so you can constantly gain momentum

Here is a FULL list of ALL of Tube Buddy’s features 

Tube Buddy 1

Tube Buddy 2

That’s a lot of features lol And They have HOW TO videos that shows you how to use all of the tools that Tube Buddy has. The videos are all only like 30 seconds long, making it easy to learn the plug in with in minutes. 


They have a FREE VERSION of the plug in, go ahead and get that. You still get a bunch of the tools 

Money Smiley Face

The Pro Paid Version with the BETTER FEATURES is only $7. $7… that’s like you working a half hour at your job in order to save you 6 hours doing stupid menial Youtube tasks.

If you do buy it there is a discount coupon under the pricing options. It’s kind of hidden but scroll down and you’ll see this.

Tube Buddy 3

It says if you have UNDER 50,000 Subscribers on your YouTube Channel, to get 40% off your order just use the coupon code  ‘FutureStarBuddy’. 

Either way, At least cop the Free version and try it out… It’s free. And if you realize how useful it is, upgrade like I did. 

It installs right into Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE in seconds.

What Just Happened EMOJI

Click here to get Tube Buddy FREE

I hope you enjoyed my Tube Buddy Review. It is clearly an amazing software!

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