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By The Time You Complete The Under My Wing VIP Package You Will Have: 

You will be AT LEAST twice as far as you are right now in your songwriting

1 Full 6+ Track Quality Mixtape Ready To Release And Grow Your Fan Base

1 Solid single to promote and start your serious music career

You will be AT LEAST twice as far as you are right now in your organization and work flow

1 music video for your single (read below)

You will have an extreme understanding of the processes to grow your fan base

You’ll be able to set up all of your marketing on automation with all of my secrets

You’ll know what ‘kind’ of beats are perfect for your voice

You will have found a rap voice that 100% works for you that you can continue growing

There is no faster way to grow than by having a course curriculum, the course tools and a teacher.

If you aren’t massively better in 30 days. You will KNOW rapping isn’t for you. Because there is no way you don’t get leaps and bounds better after this.

This is the same reason people who want to get in shape get a personal trainer. Sure you could do it all on your own, but you are going to take A LOT longer getting there without someone who already knows all of the information guiding you PERFECTLY to grow and become stronger way faster.


Why you need this

Why Would You Need This And What Does This Course Do?

Very simple!

It’s an organized, custom tailored curriculum to help YOU as a rapper get better in 30 days.

It is all set up to help your weak points grow and your strengths get stronger.

To help you find your voice AND style and have a finished product ready to go by the end.

This is a training intensive course that FORCES YOU to get better.

A lot of people have a tough time motivating themselves to get better. Even when they really really want to become great.

When something is completely organized, when you have a road map and plan to follow everything is 10 times easier.

You can’t just keep walking around in the dark trying to guess what works and wonder how to get better.

This course SHOWS YOU how to get better and it is custom tailored to MAKE YOU better.

Imagine the fact that every single BIG rapper had someone kicking them in the ass to get better and make sure they reached the next level.

Full Rap Coursedre-emFull Rap Course

Let’s look at it

Eminem had Dre

Kendrick Had Dre

Game Had Dre

50 Cent Had Eminem, Dre And Jam Master Jay

Lloyd Banks Had 50

Lil Wayne Had Birdman

Drake Had Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj Had Lil Wayne

Tyga Had Lil Wayne

Notice the pattern? They all had mentors to teach them.

The list would continue for 10 pages.

And those are just rappers pushing rappers. What you don’t see are the enormous teams behind all of these rappers that are pushing them and forcing them to get better.
how does it work

So How Does The ‘Under My Wing VIP Package’ Work?

You’re going to love how deep this really gets

Week 1 

You instantly get your hands on every Smart Rapper product and you are required to simply watch the smart training videos and learn the secrets and short cuts of songwriting for rapper.


This alone will take your songwriting skills to the next level.


You will be so excited you will have a bunch of questions because of your sudden increase in the professional songwriting process understanding.


We have a 1 hour personal call between you and me discussing what you learned from the Smart Rapper courses, what your goals are and where you want to be in your career. Why you do music and where you see yourself getting etc.


This way I understand exactly what you need to get there.


We discuss any current issues you feel like you have and then the program is custom tailored to help you grow from the current point you are at right now.


Then we can discuss rap name, branding, current social media, your rap image and everything we are going to start growing.


You send me your best songs you have released(or if no songs are released we discuss you current written lyrics)


Then we go over your concerns about these specific tracks and we decide which of these tracks are re-writable to be great and we talk about how.


We then choose 3 beats to get started working on making songs for you for out of your current songs you have or we find other beats that suit you


After the first 1 hour call:

I administer homework that you are required to complete forcefully.

Yes, you’ll see why it forced. You get kicked in the ass to work your ass off or else. This is HUGE motivation.

After that first call you are required to write:

1 Real talk 16 bar verse recorded

1 Multi syllable 16 bar verse recorded

1 Punchline 16 bar verse recorded

Choose yourself 2 full outfits from head to toe. I give you a list of websites to have a large selection to browse and you start growing your understanding of image for your brand. (Since after all, you ARE a business.)

You have days 5+ days to finish a few hours worth of homework.


End Of Week 1

At the end of week 1 we have another 1 hour call and we go over all 3 verses you have created .

These verses are needed to help you grow from where you currently are so we can immediately terminate any bad habits or weak points and get straight into your strengths.

We use those verses to determine weak spots in the writing approach, your strong points that you can emphasize on and your voice on all 3 tracks.

Now we can determine any places you need to improve.

We discuss the outfits you have chosen and go over brand image more as well to help that continue growing in this process.

Every week after the first week you are now able to avoid every mistake you are making and instantly start getting better.

At the end of this call I administer another homework task


After The 2nd Call You Are Required To

Your weak points will now be completely understood and you can start adjusting everything you write to be better.

Write And Record 2 Song Choruses

Then Write 2 verses to each song you wrote the chorus to, using the techniques you just learned in this call.

We are now on the way to creating your next mixtape and it’s only the first week.


That’s just week 1!

Over the entire month you will create songs and we will tweak each of them individually.

Your chorus writing ability and verse ability increases each week now and you can see why.

If I had to explain the entire course curriculum this page is going to be WAY too long.

In a nutshell, you will have 5+ COMPLETED songs and a single ready to start pushing in your music career.

By the time you are finished with this package (if you were REALLY serious) you will have a 6 or more track mixtape completed and ready to push out to the world

I can even offer you access to my engineer for a cheaper rate than he usually charges in order to mix the 10 tracks and you will have a completed project ready to release.

The last week we discuss marketing strategy and how you are going to get it heard.

We choose a single from your new mixtape together.

We find someone in your area to shoot a music video for your single. (You pay for the work of the camera team)

You will have a completed product ready to release and promote with a single if you have the work ethic to make this all happen with what I teach you.


what is required

Understand This

I can’t just accept money from people who aren’t serious hustlers that want to get themselves going.

I can’t magically make you better. You have to be a hustler and really really want to have a successful rap career.

I am here to MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS in a 1 month period

Because of the amount of time involved training people I can only accept a max of 4 under my wing packages a month.

Classes start at the beginning of every month and if the slots are filled up then you get a spot in the next month and so on.


Things Required From Anyone Who Buys This VIP Course:

Your full dedication and willingness to want to be better is the primary requirement here.

You will also be required to have a way to record the songs at your disposal. I prefer if you have a home studio and if you do not I recommend you spend the money on building yourself one instead of paying me. Because a home studio is VITAL to your success as a rapper.

If you want to learn how to build your own you can start here

So you will need:

1) Microphone

2) Preamp

3) Computer

4) DAW (Audio Software like Pro Tools etc.)

5) Solid Internet Connection for Skype calls, sending songs and downloading stuff I give you

No age restrictions but if you are under 18 I need to speak with your parent before we start to make sure it’s not getting in the way of schooling or any other things.


Full Rap Coursewhat does this come with

What Does This Package Come With

This is the highest level package that has to offer.

Because of my own career growing this will not be available forever.

I have a full national tour setup in the Fall of 2016 so I will not be able to offer this package in the 3rd-4th quarter of 2016. (August-December)

1) A side from the 8 personal custom tailored 1 hour calls you get:

2) The full curriculum and custom tailored course you

I’m going to give you every single solitary Smart Rapper product which includes: 

3) You get the Smart Rapper Lyric Writing Course | Currently $97 By Itself

4) You get the Smart Rapper Chorus Writing Course | Currently $297

5) You get the Rap Voice Trilogy E-books + Audio Books and Videos | $15

6) You get the 200+ Hip Hop blog list | $15

7) You get the 136 Smart Marketing Ideas + Audiobook | $15

8) You get the How To Become A Better Freestyler And Battle Rapper E-book | $10

9) + Free upgrades (as I update the products) for life

10) Your voice and flow will improve immensely

11) Your lyric writing skills will massively improve

12) Your chorus writing skills will enormously improve

13) Your marketing skills will drastically improve

14) You are getting 8+ hours of my personal time specifically for you

15) You will have a completed mixtape (mixed by my engineer for cheap)

16) You will have a new single and a music video ready to promote.

17) You get all of your songs fully graded by me over the next month

18) Every single music industry contact. A and Rs, Labels, Management firms, Agencies etc.

19) For 1 month, two times a week we will have 1 hour calls go go over the weeks songs, weak points, what needs improvements, how to improve the weak point

20) My Rap Flow Course | $97

21) The Speed Rap Course When I Complete it

22) Every single music industry contract for any situation

23) A marketing strategy and plan to promote yourself and get heard


I am literally giving you everything I can possibly offer you. Every resource I possibly have becomes yours.

I’ve been where you are, and it took way too fucking long to get here.

Skip the 10 year learning curve and just learn everything in the next 30 days with my help.

It all starts here

Within 12 hours of registering I will shoot you the info with the start date and get you the courses so you can start learning TODAY.

NOTE: If you have already bought any products I will deduct the price of the product from the price of the course.


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