Unlock Your “Super Music Brain” with Rob Level

What up gang, welcome to Smart Rapper, I’m Rob Thank, thanks for watching. Im glad I get to help you get smarter today. 

I’m going to tell you the secrets that major labels use to write HITS SONGS time after time.

You’ll be able to use this information for yourself to further understand how the industry works and how making hit songs really come about. And I personally have a ton of experience with this. 

Ive been in sessions with people who wrote with me then was going to write with Katy Perry or Will I AM.

I was in the studio like 2 months ago with a guy who was doing a session in the room I was in and then he was leaving to go write songs with Meek Mill across town. 

People don’t realize this is a very common practice in the music industry and that’s why being a music artist in Los Angeles is so powerful. 

Back in the 60’s Mo Town who has some of the most memorable songs in history had a songwriting farm. It was a huge building with dozens and dozens of rooms and they would switch every songwriter into other rooms with other songwriters every hour until the people they combined vibed so well together they made a hit song. 

They made so many HITS like THIS IT’S RIDICULOUS. 

And this is actually 

When you are making something amazing it is because you are vibing right? It’s like… and instant vibe most of the time. 

Ever seen a how the song was made and they show you how it was damn near INSTANTLY created out of thin air. It’;s because they paired the artists with the right producer in the right studio environment

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