Using SoundCloud To Distribute Your Music (What A Joke!)

Using SoundCloud To Distribute Your Music

(What A Joke!)

My biggest gripe with Sound Cloud for YOU artists as well as myself as an artist is that you will spend all this time and energy building a fan base there and pushing people to their platform but they never give you ANY money for the streams.

Well now they are going to cover that up by letting you take your music already uploaded to Sound Cloud and distribute it to the other platforms that actually pay you.

You’re still not getting paid for the actual sound cloud streams, so still a pretty useless place to promote your fans to from a business perspective if you are trying to make a living from your music.

SoundCloud has launched a new distribution feature in open beta which enables artists to spread their music to a range of rival streaming services.

The upgrade to the platform’s SoundCloud Premier monetization tool set allows users to “seamlessly” distribute their music to the likes of Amazon Music, Apple Music, Instagram, Spotify, Tencent, YouTube Music and more – all from within their SoundCloud account.

Subscribers to either of SoundCloud’s upload offerings (SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited) can gain access to SoundCloud Premier at no extra cost.
This should work for ANYONE with Sound Cloud pro who doesn’t have any copyright strikes on their account.

I have been paying for Sound Cloud Pro for probably 3 years straight now on MORE than 1 account…. And for some reason it is telling me I am not able to use Sound Cloud premiere at this time.

So that’s pretty ridiculous I am actually going to downgrade and stop paying for Sound Cloud for this reason alone.

I see the charge every month and wonder why I am even paying them besides the fact I have A TON of songs uploaded that go over the time allotted for uploads. So I’ll see if I want to remove some projects that I never promote on Sound Cloud anwyays.

Save $72 a year that has NEVER once made me a penny back.

Over the course of the next few months, says SoundCloud, creators will see new functionality added to the monetization toolset – which is available for SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited subscribers who own all applicable rights to their original music

To use the tool set, these artists must also have no copyright strikes against their music on SoundCloud at the time of enrollment.

Rob Level

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