What Is Double Rhyming?

What Is Double Rhyming

What Is Double Rhyming?

What Is Double Rhyming

This is easy…

Are you ready?

I hope so because I’m diving right into this super simple ish that you still need to know lol

Double rhyming is when you rhyme off of two words from the previous bar… Rhyming.. Double.. Two times.

Yes… I know that is confusing but that’s why we offer examples here at Smart Rapper haha

Double Rhyme EXAMPLE: 

I started way back in the day/
so now I’m a jack of the trade/

Notice BACK in the first line rhymes with JACK in the second and DAY from the first line rhymes with TRADE in the second.

It is rhyming twice in each line off of words in the previous line… hence “DOUBLE RHYMING”

Please Note

1) This couplet is also using ASSONANCE since ‘day’ and ‘trade’ only rhyme because they sound similar and not just because they are perfect rhymes.

I have a whole article on Assonance in the beginner’s section and purposefully did it in this example so you would be interested to learn more about it 😉

2) Internal rhyming is different because internal rhyming is words rhyming inside of the line itself and or other lines.

Double Rhyme EXAMPLE 2: 

Around here you’ll get hit with a bat/
If your shit is too wack/

Again, hit from the first line rhymes with shit and bat from the first line rhymes with wack.

It’s that simple!

And if don’t know now you know – Biggie Smalls

– Rob Level

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