what is internal rhyme

What Is Internal Rhyme? Big Pun Examples And Secrets

what is internal rhyme

What Is Internal Rhyme

Introduction to internal rhyme

So what is internal rhyme?

Just to make the answer to “What is an internal rhyme” stick in your rapper mind, first I want break down the word ‘Internal‘.

Of course you probably know what it means but if you are asking “What is an internal rhyme” you probably didn’t think to break it down yet.

No worries, It’s all good 🙂

Let’s go over the definition of Internal

internal rhyme

It is when something is INSIDE of something.

It is really that simple.



Now what is the definition of Internal Rhyme?

internal rhyme definition

This means your internal rhyme can be placed INSIDE any line and be considered an internal rhyme.

So it is any RHYME that in INSIDE a bar.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as the other rhyme, it can be in any line before or after.


Major Note

I want to mention this because it is super beneficial for you to keep in mind when writing any kind of lyrics.

Please realize that RHYMING adds musicality to your music which you can read in that little orange box below 😉

musicality definition

That is literally what you want the MOST of in your music.

The more rhymes inside of your lines, the more the person listening will like it (as long as it flows and has the right rhythm)

There is no denying this fact. This is why when you hear the end of a lyric line it is satisfying to the ear.

Simply adding 1 internal rhyme into a bar will make your songs sound better to any listener. 🙂


Example of internal rhyme

Internal Rhyme Examples

A lot of underground rappers are well known for their internal rhyme schemes. In this circumstance of explaining the definition of an internal rhyme I am going to take a verse straight from a Big Pun song.

I’ll bold all of the rhymes including the internal rhymes but also underline the internal rhymes.

big pun internal rhymes

Hey yo I’m still not a player but you still a hater
Elevator to the top hah, see you later, I’m gone
Penthouse suite, Penthouse freaks
In house beach, french countess, ten thou piece
Rent-out lease, with a option to buy
Coppin a five-oh Benz for when I’m not, far up in the sky
Puffin the lye, from my Twinzito
Up in the Benzito with my kiko from Queens, nicknamed Perico
We go back like PA’s and wearing PJ’s
Now we reach the peakage, running trains for three days

Now that you have read it, you can listen to him perform the internal rhymes here.

I want you to notice the musicality of the rhyming. Notice why the internal rhymes are adding a smoothness as they hit your ear.

And it is all simply because it is rhyming.

Also notice where he is hitting those internal rhymes on the beat.


wrapping up

Writing internal rhymes is so easy I can guarantee you were already doing it before you even considered asking the question “What is internal rhyme”.

Now you know that adding internal rhyme to your lyrics will increase your musicality so be sure to continue piecing together those internal rhymes when you initially write verses and then even more when you go back and rewrite verses.

Your future fans will thank you for it!


Rob Level

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