What Does The Owner Of Smart Rapper’s Music Sound Like?

What is my music

Like you I worked my ass off to get where I am today.

I spent years teaching myself what I needed for my home studio.

I sat on forums learning and spent years looking for sites like Smart Rapper to grow and hone my skills.

I worked countless hours saving up money while out on my own (since I didn’t have parents) to buy my own home recording equipment to start my career.

I bought one piece of gear at a time and started learning to be the best artist I could.

I learned microphone presence, how to write songs, found my rap voice then I taught myself how to mix my own music.

Then I learned how to market my music and connect with people 1 by 1 to build a fan base.

My first mixtape ever released March 4th of 2011 and exploded me to having a substantial hard core fan base with my name and lyrics tattooed on tons of people.



What I’m saying is I did everything it takes from the ground up and that’s how I know I can show others how to do it themselves like I did.

That’s why I felt so confident and happy to make Smart Rapper.


Since then I have accomplished the following through persistence and dedication:

An iTunes Top 100 Charting First Album

Record label distribution deals with RBC Records who backs Tech 9.

My music has been posted everywhere from MSNBC to ABC and other TV Channels.

14 Million YouTube views across all my YouTube channels (Over 13 Million From My Music Alone)

Literally ZERO collabs with any other rappers my entire career. Meaning I have never cross branded or gained a single fan from a collaboration. Literally SELF MADE fan base.

I shoot and edit my own music videos as well as everything for Smart Rapper.

I have written songs for major artist who have 2 Million followers on Instagram

I also built this site from scratch with no help and turned it into a thriving online business.

I record myself and mix my own projects and or assistant engineer but I track everything myself in my home studio.


I am the definition of self made and self taught. I did everything myself from the bottom up from complete scratch. And that was after I had a terrible upbringing and life that you can see by clicking here.


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