What is the difference between spamming and promoting music?

What is the difference between spamming and promoting musicWhat is the difference between spamming and promoting music?


Let’s be completely honest.

When you are watching TV and suddenly a Tide detergent commercial comes on. Do you give a shit? No, no you do not. Especially not if you are reading this.

Technically isn’t that spam? They are putting their ad right in your face IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR TV SHOW YOU’RE WATCHING. They call it promoting or “brand awareness”.


Therefore, technically, spamming is promoting.

Now, to be completely technical. They are generally promoting to a certain audience that watches that TV show to increase the odds that the person watching is actually a user of that product.

That’s why toy ads run during cartoons on Saturday mornings when kids watch them.

Yet you never see a toy commercial during a commercial while watching ‘The Walking Dead’ or whatever TV Show you watch lol
I mention this because some people say spamming is just sending it to ANYONE. But when we promote, especially the way I show you, you are still targeting. So just like the Toy commercial, you are promoting.


Spamming = Promoting

Honestly, who gives a quarter of a fuck if you spam? The only people who matter are the people who click the so called spam that is your music and potentially become a fan.


You don’t need to care or worry about any of the other people. Not every one will like you, it doesn’t matter how good you are.


Spam away my friend. Gain exposure and gain your fan base from all the people who do see it and like it!

And that is ‘What is the difference between spamming and promoting’ 😀

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