What Should A Personal Music Manager Do For You

What Should A Personal Music Manager Do For You

What Should A Personal Music Manager Do For You Transcript

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I’m Rob level an artist just like you. I learn as I grow and then I teach you. Don’t want you to go through the pain I went through. This is Smart Rapper, you about to get smarter. Make sure you hit the subscribe button for me because it helps us grow so I can help others just like you and me. Let’s get it.

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Let’s talk about it. A personal music manager is a very important person. Damn dog hair. In your career, All right. A good personal manager can boost your career. Don’t let anything slow you down. A bad one can destroy your career. All right. But when it’s done right, a personal manager is your company. You know, your record label. Basically, its your COO, Chief Operations Officer.

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And in this list I’m about to give you, realize that, yes, there are exceptions, and sometimes other people on your team can do these jobs. And more importantly, some of the people on your team, you do these jobs till you get a music manager. Let’s go. Number one, supposed to help you decide which label you would even potentially sign with and if you will or not.

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Okay. Right. Whether to make a publishing contract, how much money to ask for. What should you expect? Now, this is very important because this this is something that me really recently, because I don’t ever want to sign to a label. I want to stay independent, I want to make it independently. I’m growing like friggin crazy. I actually got six, six Spotify plagues, bunch of YouTube plaques. Those take 8 weeks to make.

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But I never want to sign a label deal. Right? And I’m not I’m not going to, I’m staying independent. So I can, like, show you that you can do it independently. But then when you think about it, the end goal should be a partnership with a label not being a subsidiary of a label. What I mean by that is there are label deals that you can do where you get a label and it’s a partnership. Its not a I’m signed to.

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Exactly. You feel me? It’s a business agreement where you’re in business with them, not I’m signing to, which is really interesting to think about, and your managers should be helping you with that, alright? Number two, they should be helping you believe or not, with the creative process, such as choosing your producers, helping you record songs, helping you figure out where to promote, hiring live instrumentation.

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People live really real musicians come in and they get you need violins. You can’t lay them down on what do you need, right? They help you with all of this stuff that has to do with the creative process. As long as you’re open to their opinions and as long as they have the right ear to help you make those decisions. So take that into account.

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Now, the third thing that a personal music manager can do for you is they’re going to help you promote your career, which is what you want. They’re going to be talking about you to everyone they meet, coordinating your marketing and helping you with publicity campaigns. Number four, they’re going to assemble and manage your professional team by putting you in front of lawyers, business managers and agents.

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You want to move in the movies, the managers out there doing a networking for you. You just want to be artist? Let them know. Let them. I’m busy making music. All right. Number 5. Coordinating concert tours by working with your agent, or your tour manager. All right. To create arrangements with promoters, alright. Routing the tours, working with your business manager to develop a budget.

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You don’t know the difference between a business, different video. They’re going to help you put together a team for a tour and to help you supervise. And like I said, find your tour manager. Number six, pressuring the label that you signed to it to boost your advertising and marketing your recordings and ensuring that your records are prioritized over the other thousand artists signed to labels, yelling at them when they do wrong, applauding them when they do right and stuff like that, or yelling at you for those things.

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If you’re not signed to a label or figuring out what what it’s going to take to actually get those things, okay, Realistically, they also help you find investors. Okay. So that would be as opposed to the label, you feel me? And the seventh thing that I do is being a buffer between you and the outside world, such as fielding demands for commercial endorsements, your sponsorships, personal appearances, your philanthropic request, both for money and so people can see your happy face.

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Okay. Oh, God. Did you know that I have over 100 masterclasses to help music artists just like you and me get from wherever you are to where you want to be. And this stuff covers every single possible area you can think of and is free to check out. If you click this video, it’s going to show you all of the different masterclasses that I have.

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And I know at least one of them is going to be right for you. All right, click this video. I’m Rob Level from Smart Rapper, 450,000 subscribers. Almost 50 million views, can’t be wrong. Click this video, check it out and keep hustling. I’ll see you at the top

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

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