What should I Rap / Sing / Write about?

what should I write raps about

What should I Write Raps About? 


What Should I Write Lyrics About?

It is really as simple as talking about what you actually know. A lot of artist just rap about random shit. Those days are almost over. You can’t just rap about anything and expect to gain a solid fan base.

You want people to stand with you for something along your journey. So if your songs are just about random garbage how are they able to relate to you and stand by you?

I recommend you rap about things in your life. This way people can relate to those things. You’re human, people will relate way more than you realize.

When I finally understand it was okay to just be myself, it made my music A LOT better.

You stand out from the flood of wack rappers by being who you are and having your unique story to tell.

Once you write enough lyrics and find your unique flow, finding your “WHAT TO” write about will come a lot more naturally. Don’t over think it right now. It all comes together as you keep making more and more music and write more and more rhymes.

To me there are four different kinds of songs

1) The Real Talk Song 

Most of my songs are in this category. It tells how I feel, How I felt, tells a story about something, or is inspirational words.

Writing about situations you’ve been in or you are currently going through. They save the best love songs in history were written right after someone lost their lover.

Save Me 
Sleepin On Me
Sittin Here 
They’ll All See
By Now
I’m On My Way Anthem

2) The Entertaining Song

The song that is catchy and unique. They are made to make people bump and be fun to listen too. These generally have witty lines and unique melodies in them to make people want to listen to the songs over and over again. All of your songs should still have messages though! A message you want to relay to your fan base.

Could It Be
Keep On
God Fearing
Grind 365
Real Talk 20
Welcome To The Mixtape
Watchu Gotta Say Now

3) The Girl Songs

Girls that are for females about breakups or getting together or just hitting on girls in some way.

Movin On From You
Here’s Ya Song
Now I’m Leavin

4) The Lyrical/Writing Talent Show Case Song 

An example of this would be any remix I do or Dragon Sneeze. Where the content isn’t necessarily about real-life situations but it is about showing you how witty my lyrics, multis, and punchlines are.

You can start writing punchlines, multis, and wordplay and keep the best to put into showcase song.

Dragon Sneeze 1 and 2
Any Remix I’ve Ever Made

Get it? 

And the way I separate the lyrics I write randomly are based on those four kinds of songs. 

So write away! And save the best lyrics you have for a rainy day. 


Good luck! 

– NovAK

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