Why Russ Turned Down A $50M Offer!

Why Russ Turned Down A $50M Offer!

Why Russ Turned Down A $50M Offer! Transcript

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So as a serious music artist like yourself, what can you take away from this for your music career? First of all, when you have money already, you don’t really have a way, don’t you, about getting more money, even if it’s $50 million.

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Okay. Taking the $50 million deal would actually put a weight on him psychologically. Same thing would do for you that he doesn’t have a need for. It would make him feel less independent in a way. Right. And as artists, we’re doing all the work ourselves. We like that feeling. We love the feeling of being self-made. So with him turning down this deal, he also believes his fans are going to respect it so he can brag about it, right?

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It actually adds to his brand a lot. So even if he turned it down first and then accepted it later, or even if he’s holding out for more money, I mean, everybody probably has a number somewhere, but what’s the number in his head that would allow him to think, I’ll take that. I don’t know. What was your number be and would you take the money? If you had that catalog knowing that you already have 20 plus million dollars with that much money, you’re not really too worried about money, right?

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The second thing we can learn from this is it’s funny that he’s being offered this right now because it seems like labels know that it’s okay to fake everyone’s views and numbers. Because they know that they can monetize the hell out of his songs to get paid and make that $50 million back within the next few years because they can just pump the streams.

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He’s already going to do numbers already has X amount of monthly listeners. They know, they’ve already calculated the numbers, which means that if they calculated the numbers, he can do the same thing. You can do the same thing. That’s why I always tell you guys about boosterboss.com. They’ve been using that to pump the numbers. Okay. The third thing and the lesson that we can take from this as music artists to apply to our careers is I see this and I actually see almost everything as a PR stunt to promote his new song, right?

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Remember, everything is for PR. So to me, he mentioned this right as he posted a new song. It’s also part of the marketing. Definitely take that and put that in your pocket. Another note that you may not know is even though he has 5.7 million subscribers, the first 23 hours that the song was up that he dropped, including promoting from the video on his Twitter that mentions this $50 million offer.

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He did 61,000 views in the first 23 hours with that many subscribers and that many fans. Don’t forget that a lot of the fans re-listened to that as well. So how many people are actually paying attention to him and people are paying attention to you with how many subscribers you have. You do the math. Stop feeling bad about the amount of numbers that you’re getting in your songs.

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By the way, I now set up YouTube ads for artists like you. You could do 61,000 views even if your music sucked for probably around $150 in one day. Huh? If the video is good and your songs good seriously, that’s basic math. That works. Anyway. Do you want me to set up your ads? Put a link below this video if you want to check out all the programs that we have. Ads Run For You

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I have almost 150 different masterclass passes in there, all as of now, set up and organized in a way to take you from wherever you are as music artist to whoever you want to be. Right? It’s going to be below or go to musicindustryshortcut.com/programs. I’m Rob Level. This is Smart Rapper. You’ve just got a little bit smarter.

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Take these things, apply them to your career and don’t forget keep hustling and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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