????‍???? Why You’ll Never Hear Another J. Cole Feature ????

Why You’ll Never Hear Another J. Cole Feature

Well, unless you have the 100k J. Cole says it costs to buy a feature from him which he says is about $2,000 per word. 

According to Forbes, J. Cole Made 35.5 million in 2018. 

He doesn’t even need that money. And when you don’t need money, you can charge anything you want for a feature. 

If you need money, you gotta get what you can get. 

J. Cole recently tweeted this 

This is the last feature y’all are getting from me. 

And I’m going to tell you why this is probably true as well as a Smart Rapper thing to do. And how you’ll be able to use this “no more features” thing to gain more buzz power and money for yourself soon enough. 

I’m @Rob_Level, the best rapper you know who is giving you the cheat codes other rappers don’t want you to know. And now you’re part of the Smart Rapper Gang.

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And you’re about to learn why J Cole is smart for not doing any more features, and you’re going to get smarter.

J. Cole Level

When you are at J. Cole’s level with a career he has kept successfully steady for over 10 years now, you don’t need to do features. 

But, as an upcoming rapper like yourself, I highly recommend doing features. 

Here are a few advantages of you doing features as an upcoming rapper 

  1. You spread to other artists fan bases and grow your fan base faster
  2. Your network vastly improves because you are working with so many artists
  3. You can make money by selling your features
  4. You can use that money to buy music equipment or as marketing dollars

For proof this works, I mean look at how many features Gucci Mane has done 

While J. Cole won’t be doing them for other artists anytime soon 

I’m all about doing features in the beginning of your career. 

I actually have a song a week releasing starting in January with Smart Rappers like you, I already have people lined up on it who were part of our Smart Rapper freshman list.

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Why J. Cole isn’t doing features with other rappers

  1. This automatically makes his feature price keep its value since it is more exclusive.
  2. He doesn’t have to deal with other artists bs which gives him more time to focus on his own stuff
  3. It is a great publicity stunt to gain himself attention and get talked about
  4. And here is what I think you can learn from this move that I think is really really smart from him.

He will only doing features with his artists that are signed to him. 

This way, J Cole fans know they can only hear a feature from J Cole by also listening to an artist signed to J Cole. 

This way he is constantly building his own artists’ buzz and name up.

Now that his artists have more buzz and name, they make more money from streams, features, merchandise, and shows. 

Which in turn makes J Cole more money from the 360 deals he has set up with every artist. 

His artists will have careers with solid longevity so the sooner he builds them up, the sooner he starts making the higher end of artists money from those artists. 

You’ll be able to utilize this strategy when you start your own label too. 

You just became a smarter rapper. 

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