Would You Rap To These Beats? (How It Works!)

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Would You Rap To These Beats?


There is a new show we here at Smart Rapper have created that is going to help rappers AND producers get exposure all in one Smart Move. 


In this new show my MAIN GOAL is to help you make more music and have a place to find the best beats to rap on, in one place. 


It turns creating music into a game and makes it fun. It also forces you to create 1 new song a week and have a chance for that song to get heard. 


This is a new SUNDAY show and here is a quick round up of why we created this show to help everyone every Sunday. 


1) It’s to provide you upcoming rappers with HAND SELECTED beats we already reviewed that we think you will like and can make songs to. 


This saves you time having to find beats when every week I’ll upload new beats you can check out on the Smart Rapper Beat Store you can see at SmartRapperBeats.com


2) If you make a song to any of the beats from SmartRapperBeats.com you can submit it for FREE to be entered to get your song played and promoted at the end of one of these Would You Rap To These Beats Shows. As well as get put onto one or more of the Smart Rapper Curated Spotify Playlists. 


This means you can gain new fans, other rappers can find out about you and hit you up to collab and I’ll even put YOUR song onto a few Spotify Playlists we have. 


You also get posted in an article for Top 5 Of The Week so you come up in search results in Google easier and look more legit. 


There will be 5 winners a week! So go to SmartRapperBeats.com get any beat, make a song to it and submit it for FREE at www.SmartRapperBeats.com/SubmitSong


3) This show is for you producers too, it Is to give exposure to good upcoming producers who can’t get their beats heard by great rappers like you guys and girls. 


They may be great beats but they need people to hear them or they can never get songs made to them. 


So if you are a beat maker or know any beat makers who wants to submit their beats to get heard by thousands of rappers at once, tell them to go to SmartRapperBeats.com/Submit


They can submit up to 20 beats and they also get a professional beat review sheet that looks like this  when they do submit. 


4) You Smart Rappers are actually helping these producers because in every video I want you to tell the producers which beats you liked and why or why not so they can learn what they can do better… FOR YOU and for themselves. 


5) I think the most powerful part of this show is that I help YOU to go create at least ONE song a week to one of these beats. 


This makes you to go get a beat and MAKE A SONG EVERY WEEK. 


Every week you have from when this video posts up until next Sunday to submit your song made to one of these beats. 


If you play the game and you make a song with us every week for just 3 months… you would have 12 FINISHED new songs. You would be way more developed as a rapper from this. 

If you follow this with me the whole year… you will have 52 SONGS released a year. 


Every week this is a contest for YOURSELF to complete 1 song and get better and then have the opportunity to get heard by thousands of people AND other promo that happens when you get chosen like the article getting written about you and more.


All the links to these beats will be in the links below the video that week. 


So tell your producer friends to go to SmartRapperBeats.com and every Sunday I will be releasing an episode of the this show for everyone! 


I’ll see you guys again tomorrow with another video! Don’t forget to check out my new single Built Like This. The link to Spotify and everywhere else is below!


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