WTF! I Almost Can’t Believe This Just Happened

WTF! I Almost Can’t Believe This Just Happened

Legion Beats reached out to me and told me they were giving away their ENTIRE 2017 catalog of beats to us. And they are going to give every Smart Rapper member 10 FREE BEATS just for checking out the offer.

Thats a big deal since they have have produced for people like Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Tech 9, Bob…

Click the link at the top of my description and you’ll see more big names or go to

You know usually 1 beat lease costs $20-30 but the reason I was okay sharing this with my Smart Rapper community is that you get 94 tracks for only $17 and 10 FREE just for checking it out

You get a lease to use, release and monetize ALL of those videos for only $17. That’s a fuckin deal….

But it’s a time sensitive deal. You can only get it from Thursday 11/16 at 7PM until Friday 11/24 at midnight.

You get 94 Beats and there are other specials on there too you can check out.

If you did the math it would be around $2,000 in beats… for $17… I mean you’ll get this pack and you’ll definitely be able to make and keep at least 5 songs from it. $17… come on…

And a bunch of these beats also have the option of a hook on it too so if you don’t want to write a hook, it comes with it and usually a hook and beat lease is around $40 so you’re saving even more money.

At least check it out because you get 10 beats for checking it out. The link is below in the description AND the top comment or go to

Lastly, as a special Smart Rapper offer… anyone who gets the beats before Friday 11/17, they are going to throw in The Legion Vault Vol 1 for free. I think that’ll be another 50-75 beats. I mean… now you are talking $3,000 in beats! Go check this out!

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