Legend Gary V Confirms My Method To Gaining A Fan Base

Legend Gary V Confirms My Method To Gaining A Fan Base

I have been telling everyone for forever that this is how you truly build a fan base. One person at a time. I came across a video of Gary Vaynerchuk giving advice to a rapper in the side bar and I was like wow… he is saying exactly what I have been telling everyone about building a fanbase.

It is all about creating a relationship one person at a time. Those people stick with you because you are more than a musician, you are someone who respected them and their time.

Gary V is an expert in his field and I have read a bunch of his books. I knew back in 2008 that talking to people is what made the difference and when I read his books he just confirmed that’s how to build a fan base. Gary Vaynerchuk knows his stuff!



Author: Rob Level

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