When Should You Start To Sell Merch? My $1,800 Loss Story

When Should You Start To Sell Merch? My $1,800 Loss Story

I wouldn’t really recommend selling merch until you have an album out and 100 REAL FANS.

It’s actually super frustrating worrying about getting T shirts made even if they are made through a company that does all the work for you.

I made a post asking people who would want a shirt if I had them made. Around 500 people responded… Then I personally reached out to everyone and asked what size they wanted and around 300 people confirmed.

I spent my last $1800 buying the T shirts and ended up with only 40 people buying them. I was sitting on T shirts for 3 years.

If you don’t have a SUPER STRONG FAN BASE, don’t even consider selling T shirts. Wait for a multi city tour or buy them to sell with autographed hard copies of your album.

Until then work on music and marketing to gain the fans.

Author: Rob Level

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