2 Keys To Faster Music Success In The Business

2 Keys To Faster Music Success In The Business

In this video I am going to teach you why most artists take FOREVER to blow up and what you can start doing TODAY to start gaining fans FASTER AND FASTER


I’m going to break it down so by the end of the video you can understand what you can do to make sure everyone who listens to your music will become a fan easier.
This video alone will blow your mind if you pay attention and really get it.

I made this video to make you think deeper about who you are and what you stand for because people follow people with a purpose and a mission. Not just someone with a song.
There is a reason artists with just 1 or 2 good songs fall off after a year and a reason why 2 Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, J Cole, Nas, Jay Z and every other legendary artist is still around and will go down in history.

First I want to talk about artist branding and the massive power of it… because I know most people don’t understand the word BRAND and more importantly they don’t understand the MASSIVE power of putting their brand together before they start marketing.
I can guarantee you RIGHT NOW, if you watch to the end of this video… your entire thought process on marketing will change and you WILL start gaining fans 10 times faster.

And we will get into it, right after the intro

I call these secrets because 99% of people don’t think about doing this, and you know what’s funny… this is one of the first things a record label does for you when they sign you.

Because they know they have to BRAND YOU to be able to SELL YOU.
What do I always say? You are a business….
Please pay attention to this video guys…

Secret 1) Marketing YOU, YOURSELF, YOUR Brand

Most people don’t realize this… when you market you, yourself as a brand, it is YOU including EVERYTHING.

1 Your mission, your message and what you stand for as an artist

2 Your image that you portray to your audience and how you want to be seen.

Thug, bad ass, nice guy, sad depressed emo guy, guy who has been thru a lot and overcame adversity to find success, rich flashy rapper, young wild child who doesn’t give a shish.

Guy that’s been through a terrible life that had 2 years of court ordered anger management after breaking into a house and beating the shit out of two guys who then overcame everything and inspires people but shouldn’t be pushed because he will revert into bad ass.

My brand… at least Part of it.

You can be combination of a lot of these things as well but you… have a BRAND. This is how people see YOU and when you market yourself this is what they see.

If you can find yourself, YOUR BRAND, your image, your mission and everything else before you even start the marketing process you’ll gain fans A LOT faster because you know what you are trying to say to people when they come across your content.

When you stand for something and people can see it, you grow faster and faster and faster.

So you can understand what I am saying easier let’s take Smart Rapper as an example since you understand it since you’re part of the gang.

You know what Smart Rapper is, it helps YOU get Smarter as a Rapper and everything about the brand says that.

Smart Rapper has a message and a mission to help artists believe in themselves, educate themselves and help them win and become successful.

As soon as you came across Smart Rapper videos you knew exactly what they were and what they were for as well as the benefit to YOU as to why you should like them.
So you subscribed or at least probably watched a bunch of these videos.

It’s well branded. Now think if you do the same thing for yourself as a music artist.
Every time you go out there and drive traffic to your social media or a song of YOURS, people will “Get YOU and who you are and what you stand for” just a little bit more.
This is the missing key that most people don’t understand when they are marketing their music.

All of this stuff is missing from their music and brand. So when they spend time marketing their songs… no one becomes a fan.

There’s nothing to attache to in order to make them a fan.

When you put together your brand, It doesn’t have to be PERFECT from the get go but the better you put it together the easier it is for people to understand YOU and it makes them want to follow you.

The power in having a good brand for yourself is if people like YOU, they will most likely like A LOT of your music.

But if only your song is good, they might not care to listen to the next one you release because there wasn’t anything more than just a good song, get me?

Music Marketing Secret 2) Marketing YOUR Song

Let’s break it down

Your song involves your brand since you are a part of it but it is a sound that

When you market a song, it encompasses your overall brand and should combine everything about your brand.

For example in number 1 we talked about how your brand as an artist shows your image, your message and what you stand for.

When people hear your music they should actually be seeing and feeling the same thing.
This creates cohesion that solidifies your brand and makes a stronger connection with potential fans.

After all, if you are making music isn’t it an extension of you if you are being real in your music? Doesn’t talk about your pain, your struggle, what’s on your mind and more?

If you learn how to make your music MORE brand like, it will help people attache to your music because then it won’t be generic and like everything else out there… it will be more like YOU… and YOU… are unique.

Do you get where I am coming from?

Like I spoke about in number 1 if you can get people to like your BRAND, they will like you more.

And if your brand is embedded in your music….. you’ll gain fans 10 times faster.
It’s completely logical that all of this is true.

If you want to take your music to the next level…. and really change everything about how you think and how fast you are going to grow as an artist… I recommend you hit the replay button on this video so it gets ingrained in your mind a little bit more.

This will change everything for you if you really start working on it now.

– Rob Level

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