The 4 Main Types Of Content For Writing Raps

The 4 Main Types Of Content For Writing Raps

What up, Gang? Welcome to class. Today we are talking about the main types of rap content for writing.

All of the different areas and types you can use to create different kinds of songs.
Breaking these down into sections will help you understand which way to categorize your new songs.

All the music you ever create will be in one of these 4 categories.
We’re going to get into it down below.

Rap Content Type 1: Real Life Content

Most rappers write about real life things you have experienced or the lyrics are at least inspired by situations they have been in.

Life is an amazing source for writing material, because lyrics are readily there if you just think about things you have gone through.

You just have to put them in rhyme form.

Connecting With Listeners

Lyrics that talk about real life really help you connect with listeners because people can compare them to moments in time where the same stuff has happened to them.
Most artists that are legends use this kind of content to build their hardcore fan bases.

Expressing Yourself

When you write from you life, it’s an amazing way to express yourself as an artist and deal with things that matter to you.

Let me give you a quick example from a song of mine called ‘Is This Life’ which is a real talk song about tough times.


Rap Content Type 2: Fictional Content

Fiction means fake, not real. Made up.

Most rappers write based on real life, but a lot also like being creative and creating things that require imagination.

It makes it more fun to write sometimes when it’s a form of fictional content.
Of course, songs are allowed to have both fictional and real-life content.

Controversial Content – Eminem heavily focused on this kind of content to catapult his career.

Talking about topics people shouldn’t talk about or making fun of things people shouldn’t make fun of.

Doing anything outlandish in order to get talked about.

Violence, sex, drugs, power, money – people say these things have a negative impact on society when spread. However, artistically speaking, they are attention-grabbing subject matters, which is why a lot of classic hip hop projects have revolved around them and still do.

Sometimes people like to rap about things they don’t really get to do in real life… so they fantasize and say the lyrics in their music.

Rap Content Type 3: Conscious Content

Conscious rap is a subgenre of hip hop that focuses on creating awareness and imparting knowledge. This kind of content is generally positive and calls for change or advancement. Conscious rappers traditionally have fought against violence, discrimination, and other ailments of society.

It deals with political or social issues, explored subjects like relationships in ways that have more insight than exploitation.

A quick example from my song Puppeteer where I talk about pharmaceutical companies is a great example of conscious content.



Conscious lyrics has what is described as SUBSTANCE, this means the content is long lasting, profound, important and has more relevance and REAL MEANING than other content.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say you need MORE SUBSTANCE before.

Rap Content Type 4: Club/Party Content

There is nothing wrong with creating club and party content that makes people happy and gets them in the mood to have a good time. You’re spreading smiles.

The only downside is club/party content isn’t as highly regarded as other kinds of subject matter but it is still a part of hip hop and always has been.

However, with party content, it is much more about FLOW and creating something that makes people want to party or dance to it.

There generally isn’t anything complicated or too much to think about in the subject matter in a club song because it would take the listeners attention away from the rhythm of the song.

The flow is the main attraction.

That’s why you would never call Lil Jon, Pitbull, or other party song artists lyricists even if they could potentially be if they tried to.

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