The 4 Best Months To Release A Single Or Album

The 4 Best Months To Release A Single Or Album

What a smart rapper gang today. This is really good. Please watch this whole video. You’re going to learn a lot from her. It is the four best times of the year that you should be releasing an album. OK this one is going to have the most payoff and reward. And when you can gain the most fans from an album release. OK. We’re talking about this today. You’re gonna get smarter on Rob level this small rabbit out column on how to make some money gain some more fans everything right after the intro. OK let’s go with the first one. That is literally the first month and that is January. Now let me explain why. January is a good month to release an album. OK. It’s because what just happened was Christmas Thanksgiving and Christmas happened. There is like this dead zone where everybody is still recovering from you know the holidays and New Year’s and everything else like that it just happened.

And there’s this media dead zone in the first two weeks of the year where nothing is really happening or there is nothing to talk about. If you release something in that dead zone because nothing else is releasing it increases your chance of securing media right because in other months where they’re too busy especially around times when there’s festivals there’s already so much music being released and there’s already music being performed and tours happening that there’s already a lot for these blogs in these websites to talk about. So they don’t need your stuff right. But in January in that dead zone they’re actually looking for content to post because they need content to post so it’s easier to get posted in the first two weeks of January the second month. Again the second month. Don’t worry this trend doesn’t continue here OK. The reason that February is also a great time to release an album or project is because the festivals haven’t started yet because the weather still sucks OK because there’s festivals again less people being posted on the Web sites.

So you have a higher chance of actually securing a placement on these websites and you have to worry about South by Southwest in March you’ve got to worry about Coachella in April like it started becoming Hefti and becoming heavier and heavier and harder to get on these things. So January and February try to get your album out as soon as you possibly can. OK. So the next month that’s a great choice to release and are more single and is going to be me. And this is because you just ended like I’ve said. South by Southwest is over now. Coachella is over now. There’s already all this publication all this stuff going on these on these Web sites that was going to really drown you out and now is your chance again before all the summer festivals come into play. Ok for you to get placemen again and you can see why January February May are strong places for you to secure these placements.

The 4 Best Months To Release A Single Or Album

Because even if you do secure placement in these other months because there’s so much other stuff you’ll get drowned out in the field. Take that into account. And the fourth and final month that is good for you drop an album or single any year is going to be October. OK. And this is because all the summer festivals are now finished. OK. All these people get posted up like I had said before the last one. All right. And now what’s happening is it’s not quite the holidays yet but it’s almost the holidays. So people like this like uproar state happening right. But you want to do it before the holidays hit. Reason being is that when the holidays that people worried about seeing family they’re worried about buying gifts for family they’re worried about their life and what they’re going to get and what they’re thinking they want to get.

Also weather starting to get worse. It’s just a lot that happens to somebody towards the end of the year and that’s why you feel that feeling towards the end of the year. But if you get it out in October it’s a great time to release an album or a single. For that reason this is over you can secure placements because the summer festivals are over as well as people are actually searching and looking for new music that they’re going to carry with them through the rest of the year. So January early January February May and October those are the four best ones for you to release an album or a single. And obviously you can see why it’s why explained a little bit more detail in each one. Hope that helps you out came a little bit smarter.

You know it’s Aamodt is that Israel stop that day. Two words say no words you bomb bombs for your. They burn it down you lead this baby you’ll be smart. You was biffo.

Well that’s another one of the day today’s word of the day is loquacious loquacious and he’s very talkative very chatty. Everybody that I met last night was like you know you was very loquacious.

All right. Hit me with your four bars below for the day with the word of the day. OK. And again just remember again January February May and October. OK. Have you with the like hit me with a subscribe and hit the little notification bell so you’re notified every time releasing new video which is everyday so you can become a smarter rapper. Also center for the aid our context. Every single major music record labels and our contacts list their addresses their e-mails everything like that 100 percent free just for joining my e-mail list. You can be updated when all this stuff releases. OK. Go ahead with the comment and subscribe then check of these videos here. All right. And you’re going to get smarter every time you watch a video. You get a little bit smarter. And like smart points you get your brains go to boop boop boop boop boop and say all right I will see you guys tomorrow. But until then keep Jocelynne keep grinding our small rubber gang.

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