3 Signs You Are Super Smart (How To Know If You Are Smart)

3 Signs You Are Super Smart (How To Know If You Are Smart)

Smart isn’t about memorizing facts and reading books. It’s about how you approach life and deal with situations.

At least in my opinion. Just because you memorized a bunch of Jeopardy answers that you’ll use 1 time in your life doesn’t mean you are smart.

How do you handle people? Make people like you? Diffuse situations? How do you look at situations in business. how to know if you are smart There are a lot of factors to determining if you are smart or not but here are 3 questions that will determine if you actually think like a smart person that is constantly is getting smarter.

1) You are always curious – ask a lot of questions

2) You listen more than you talk – you aren’t learning when you are talking, because you can only say things you already know. Smart people love gaining knowledge.

3) You are purposefully trying to better yourself everyday.

You are trying to evolve your mindset and take action towards your growth as a person every day in some way because you know that is giving you the edge to be a better and smarter person.

If you aren’t trying to better yourself everyday and make yourself better as well as your life… how smart are you really? There are also scientifically proven indicators that you are smart. And here is a cool list of those.

How to know if you are smart? Do you consider yourself smart?

Are you always trying to learn and grow? Actively looking for ways to grow your brain power.


– Rob Level

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