4 Signs You Are DESTINED To Be A Rapper

4 Signs You Are DESTINED To Be A Rapper

What a small rapper today is a good one for signs destined to be famous and successful rapper. This is good. This is good. You’re going to like this. You’re going to get smarter today and I will tell you those four things right after the intro. I’m Rob level. This is smartrapper.com hit the Like button. If you like what makes preach it but he didn’t like it. Now act like button so I could tell you the four reasons that you are destined to be a if you will be reffing. I’d get over the man by number one. You absolutely love working on music in some way shape or form. This also means that you work on music as if it’s not even work like you like doing it you genuinely like doing it. If you actually like writing do that’s a good sign that because you’re already naturally passionate a lot of people work on music I don’t want to embark on music.

But if you actually like doing it that’s a big sign that you’re destined to be referer because it’s something that you’re actually passionate about. Can help you succeed in the long run because while everybody else’s smoke weed going to the club you’re like no I’m going to write. Why. Because I like doing this show using a culture of your drink faster and you’re probably more destined to be a rapper. It’s actually innately in you that you want to make music. It’s a big deal. Good for you if you are. That’s how you are. Congratulations. That’s a big step up on a lot of people like Cole 99 percent of people. Number two you’ve been writing in some way shape or form since you were younger because you really 8 years old were you writing short stories you know you writing poetry.

Yes. You know even if you were even if you were drawing since you were a kid and you got really good at drawing that’s a creative outlet. That’s a big big indicator that you are meant to do something creative like music in the long run. If you look at a lot of artists they have a lot of artists even actors and people who are very creative in their field. You go back to their childhood in or even other things that they do and you’ll see they’re very very talented. And all of these other ways you like Dan could draw you guys I want you guys to slowly go google MNM drawings and drawings of Eminem but drawings that Eminem have drawn.

4 Signs You Are DESTINED To Be A Rapper

He’s really freaking good at drawing. I’m really good at drawing too. He’s very good at drawing. Like you go watch my statue my life. I drew the whole thing. I told my story from the age to 18 of like you know just no parents in homes you’re homeless shelters being in homes and stuff like that and I draw this story on a white board and I raised it and draw it in. But this stuff is like it’s so cold. It’s almost like did you really do all this with just saying you drew these because these frickin good drawing and he’s really good at rapping. People who are creative are generally good across the art spectrum especially if they apply themselves in any way shape or form. So anyways if you’ve been drawing or making short stories or writing or being creative since you were younger it’s a really big indicator that you’re going to be successful as a rapper.

And it’s the same way that with sports like Tiger Woods starting golfing when he 4 years old he was already good and bam you get better. Serena and Venus Williams you know like anybody who started when they were younger and then suddenly that they’re superstars as athletes because they were athletic when they were younger and it was an indicator that they were going to be great. Let’s move on. Number three you declare to people you say when I asked you what you are you say I’m a rapper without even thinking about it. If you tell people that you’re a rapper with no fear in your heart at all of how they’re going to judge you.

That is fucking amazing. Now generally I don’t consider you a rapper unless you have songs really so great so you but if you’re saying this even before you’ve have songs released that I am what you are. I’m a rap. I know I’m a B rapper. That’s what I fucking love and energy that type of energy that type of stuff that goes out there to the universe. It may sound corny but it’s stuff that goes out there and it just it just shows like it tells everything. This is what I am voice will be and if you are actually already telling people that if you’re really doing that and they care what they say they doubt you’re not going to doubt you anyway. You know I’ve said this tons of times if you’re doing that. That’s fucking awesome.

I really respect that. Really. That’s a big deal. Okay. And if you’re doing that you’ve been doing that. Like that’s a big sign that you go. That’s what you’re headed for. You’re not saying I do this. I’m a producer I’m an engineer I’m an actor. I’m going to be in movies. No bitch I’m a fuckin rapper. That’s what I fucking do. I was sure right there. That’s awesome. That’s really fantastic. Good for you. That’s serious. And number four not a really big deal but something that does show that you are passionate about hip hop and rap in general as if you know every popular rapper and even underground rappers from the beginning of hip hop on and you know songs and you can you can spit the lyrics of songs that are like the best lines.

Over the years if you can call them like you have enough passion and really know about hip hop and all that stuff that is a big deal it’s not a requirement but if you do all this stuff it shows that you’re passionate about rap and hip hop and the culture and that’s what you want to be. Because having these things seeded in your mind tells you when everything in your life and everything that you are your existence of what you want to be it tells that story and it builds it in your mind. Look I am going to be a rapper why because I am so passionate about hip hop. This is what I’m supposed to do right. If you know everything about music and all that stuff like that that’s a really big deal. And that is a really big sign that you’re destined to be a rapper right.

4 Signs You Are DESTINED To Be A Rapper

Those are the four reasons the school over again really quick. All right. Number one you absolutely love working on music in some way shape or form. Number two you’ve been writing. Ever been being creative in some way since you were younger and I’m sure that you have been watching this video number three you declare you’re a rapper even before you had any songs released or even after your song is released you say wholeheartedly to people Look this is what I do. Series I’ve seen that I’ll keep going back to that I really respect that. Good for you. Keep doing that. We’ve got this. And number four you know every rapper that’s been relevant since the beginning and you can quote lyrics and you’re just passionate about hip hop in general all those things.

Just tell me that you are destined to be that there’s no doubt in any of those things. That’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to keep killing it until you make it and especially watching these videos helping yourself become smarter everyday. You’re learning. You know I’m saying like This is what you do. I’m focused. It’s what you’re going to be. Because you’re you’re putting it out there and you’re and you’re putting the energy out there and you put an effort out there and that’s how you do it right. Well I’m Rob level this small rapper dot com hit me with a like. All right Henry What a comment asking any questions you might have asked those questions below and with your four boys of the day. I want you guys to put hot hottest for bars you’re gonna write below so that you’re going to get better at writing every day and you could actually become a rapper much much faster.

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