Can You Be a Rapper if YOU SUCK at Remembering Lyrics?

Can You Be a Rapper if YOU SUCK at Remembering Lyrics?

What’s up smartrapper family. Great question. Can you be a rapper. You actually be a famous rapper professional rapper if you suck at remembering lyrics. Yeah. Yeah. We’re talking about it today. It’s kind of funny actually because I sure great question because a lot of people feel like they suck at remembering lyrics like oh I can’t remember how much you understated performance is how am I going to do this this and this. Don’t worry about it. I’m not level this one rapper Dom and you’re about to get smarter rant the intro. If you have any weaknesses like you’re blind. Well that’s a bit more than than a weakness. But if you’re in a wheelchair you these small things is always a way to work around these things that you feel are holding you back. Yes they are holding you back just a little bit but there’s a ways to work around these problems like if your memory sucks.

Like and terrible memory. That’s ok you can handle that. And even if you can handle that it’s not that huge of a deal when it comes to being a rapper I’m a tell you why because like I know Phil probably where you are coming from when you asked this question number one let’s address the obvious thing when you’re recording in the studio you can read them off of your phone. So that’s not really going to affect you in that circumstance right. You’re just like OK I can’t forget it because I’m just reading it off my phone. No problem. Number two I’m assuming that you asked this question because you feel like it’s going to be a problem when you start doing stage performances. To.

Get like ah shit Imma have to remember these lyrics when I first started doing stage performances I was scared shitless that would just in general do scared to perform in front of people even though I’d been like in front of people doing other things. When you’re on stage nobody is looking at you like oh just so it’s a bit different. But I was even more scared shitless if I would have messed up or said the wrong words or fell off on the song when it was recording me because I forgot the lyrics so I understand where you’re coming from when you asked this question. Trust me I don’t want you to fear this because there’s a lot of work arounds to this right. Number one when you’re on stage. If the problem is you feel like you’re going to hear the lyrics that’s ok what you can do is you can set your main vocals on the track you’re going to export the track whatever you’re going to do that you can set your main vocals like six decibels under what the main is so there’s still audible you can still hear them a little bit to where if you like messed up a little bit you can jump right back because you can hear your own vocal inside of the Speak coming out of the speaker system.

Can You Be a Rapper if YOU SUCK at Remembering Lyrics?

Jump right back into it no problem. Now of course this isn’t 100 percent professional but that’s OK because really when somebody goes to a show and what they want they want to be entertained. Right. They’re not sitting there going you and hear that track because they to hear that track. If you stay stay on it and you fall if you follow the gym for like half a half of a bar or even a whole bar as soon as you jump back on and you give them the energy and you give them that vibe for that show that they want to feel that excitement that you’re going to be conveying inside of that shows are protruding exuding they’re going to they’re going to see that they’re not going to be worried about the backing track.

So it’s OK to have the backing track are people at your shows right. Even though it’s not a 100 percent professional but don’t really worry about that. That’s not that huge of a deal. I know the way around this being an issue is the way that you can resolve this is to have a white man who knows the lyrics just as well or better than you and actually has good memory and could stay up with you so if he’s sitting there helping you run the lines towards the end of the lines and you run into the next line right you can hear him saying it and you he’ll help you carry it through.

And you came in when you guys do practice what you will obviously a lot of practice with the Heitmann before you do the show you are going to YouTube like Haymond This is the part where always keep messing up and you just you tell him and he’ll know from the show you a hey so when we do this line you run through on this line with me so that I don’t mess up or lose my place because I know you’re going to reach a moment and you’ll my person experience well you have so many bars you’re like oh shit you always forget that line that happens right before this next line or the order in which the lines happen depending on the way that your brain operates because my brain goes like 200 miles per hour on a regular basis.

So my brains are like oh is there this part of the body. So you have to practice but then even then sometimes you might you might miss it a little bit. And the whiteman’s their health care through plus to add lives to voice overs for you and keep the crowd going and distract them if you do happen to fall off for that one beat. Don’t worry about that. That’s another way around that. So don’t worry about if your memory is not the greatest. OK. Because a lot of people feel like that’s a problem.

Can You Be a Rapper if YOU SUCK at Remembering Lyrics?

But it’s really not a huge deal man by the time you get to the big level like that other love you would have done enough shows where your confidence is going to be high enough to where you’re not getting any word about memory anymore because your brain already can be wired to be remembering all of these lyrics because you do shows that fears and they go away and hope you cover that anxiety and cover anything that’s making you feel like you’re going to have that memory problem. Practice makes perfect sense not just with remembering your lines but after you started having to use your brain as a as a bank to remember things your brain starts wiring itself to remember things easier because it knows OK. He has to remember these things for survival he’s doing it on a regular basis he’s practicing it deliberately.

Therefore your memory power will increase in your brain from seemingly nothing that you have now to having lots of memory. No problem. Especially for remembering lyrics on stage as well as delivering them and everything else that goes along with it it gets easier and easier. The more that you practice and do it you just became a smarter rapper. Don’t worry if you remember that I said that you’ll become a smarter became a smarter rapper tomorrow. But now you know at least that you don’t have to have crazy good memory in order to be popular or famous rapper or any with a like him with subscribe to a little bell when you do. Because going to notify every time you release. I released a new video so you could become more of a rapper and then released new video.

Every single solitary day. So and that’s always help you guys so you guys have any questions ask the questions below and I’ll be sure to check them out and if it’s a question a lot of people want to know. So thumbs up the question is if you see one that you want an answer. Actually it sums it up so I know that other people want to see it answered to. I think everyone said that before but it needs to be said right. And then him with the four bars for the day. If you don’t ask a question or at least maybe both. And then I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow with another video. There’s so much going on. We are just killing it right now it’s just so much. Hallelujah hallelujah

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