4 Simple Ways To Make A Rap Career Last Forever

4 Simple Ways To Make A Rap Career Last Forever

1) Evolve With The Music Industry… Like Jay Z

Stay up on music industry news so you as a boss can make the right plays and more importantly for the longevity of your music career, stay up on the current sound.

Hire a producer or more than one producer that is young and up on the new sounds in the music industry. When you make it, if you start hiring on music producers that have a lot of work ethic and an ear for how music is changing and evolving, this means that you have people producing for you that are keeping your base of sound relevant, the beats (production)

This way when you are creating top line melodies and writing your raps, you are doing it to something that is already 50% right.

I hope I explained that correctly because it is very important. The next thing I will be doing in the next 6 months is hiring in house producers to help me evolve my sound.

2) Try Not To Burn Bridges

Now you’ll notice I’m not saying “Don’t burn bridges” because that’s nearly impossible no matter how nice you are. Sometimes relationships just don’t work out.

In the music industry what I’ve learned is that networks are VERY important. Just one person being connected with another person could put you in the room with a major artists or someone very important.

The world is way too small and it’s kind of insane how everyone kind of knows each other.

3) Cut Out The Wrong People And Build The Right Team

If you have the wrong people around you, you will never grow. Trust me.

One of the most essential parts of growing and keeping a music career is getting the right team around you that all has the same goal in mind. If you all work together to win and you all survive off of winning, you will KEEP winning as a team.

But if you have a bunch of losers on your team and you keep losing, you should understand why you are losing by now. Negative lazy people are only going to bring more of that into your life.

You need to build your team like you own a record label. A marketing department, a tech department for websites, apps and more. Artist development, publicity department, art department, legal department, etc.

Imagine if you built your career and then hired and build all of those people… you’d be the man and you’d have every resource you possibly needed at your disposal and if you didn’t, someone on your team probably knows somebody who has what you need.

I won’t lie, this is one of my goals. It takes time but if you have it in mind you can accomplish it.

You’ll be unstoppable. You can sign anybody you want, you can sign the next Drake, The next LIl Baby, the next Lil Pump or whoever you would have in mind and like to sign.

4) Always Have More Records Backed Up

If a music career is based on MUSIC, how are you going to keep a music career moving forward if you are not consistently creating music, backing it up and also releasing it.

Combining the right producers like we talked about a minute ago with making hot songs will keep your fans happy, keep you getting paid from streams, keep fans paying for show tickets and merch and allow you to continue moving your career forward.

If you aren’t constantly releasing music people will forget about you. And if you aren’t making music fans want to listen to, you won’t sell tickets, you won’t sell merch, people won’t listen to your songs and you won’t get paid from streams.

Then you aren’t making any money and you can’t continue your music career, keep up your extravagant lifestyle or move forward. And if you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backwards… there are only 2 directions you can move in life.

I hope this video helped inspire and motivate you to continue forward and work towards building a long term music career that will feed your family and the families of all the talented artists you sign when you are a superstar.

You got this. Keep hustling gang. I’ll see you at the top.

Rob Level

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