What Blue Face Doesn’t Want You To Know

What Blue Face Doesn’t Want You To Know

This is an industry plant DONE RIGHT. This is not to be disrespectful. Look at his FAST he rose to the top. The last industry plant before him was Lil Pump and after pump you had Lil Xan and a few others.

When someone SUDDENLY blows up out of nowhere we think, who the hell is this and often… we REALLY don’t accept that person at first.

Generally because they really just aren’t that talented. But… the person gets shoved down our throats enough until we accept this and that. Then small groups of people like the person, then another group then another group and now they are accepted enough.

Then they get shoved down our throats again in another marketing blast and more and more people tend to accept that artist.

When people higher up in the industry see something they can make money from. They can plot the whole movement because they have the industry connections to make it move.

They have the relationships to place the artist all over the place, on major platforms like No Jumper, World Star, Radio, Spotify Playlists and more.

They also have the money to plug them on sites and pages as well as the money to pay people for anything they need.

These are generally artists who sign to label deals where they are getting financially raped and really are in debt millions of dollars and don’t even realize it.

Sometimes they don’t even know what label they are signed too because all they cared about was the fame and money. They think, who cares just sign me! I’LL BE FAMOUS!

And this is completely the case with Blue Face.

He is signed to Cash Money and Wack 100… Meaning BIRD MAN and Wack 100. Two extremely influential AND POWERFUL people in the music industry. They can make anything they want to happen HAPPEN.

Hey radio station guy, listen to this record… SURE BIRD MAN… YOU’RE FUCKING BIRD MAN! You made Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj. You are worth over 100 MILLION DOLLARS and you are a fucking gangster.

And Wack 100 been connected to Gangsters. He is The Games manager, he’s the one that blindsided stitches in 2015 when stitches tried to run up on The Game outside a nightclub.

Wack 100 has been connected with Suge Knight since the early 2000s. SUGE KNIGHT put Tupac on if you didn’t know. Suge was in the car with Tupac when he got shot yet Suge Survived.

So what you have here is 2 bad ass industry vets with unlimited resources and manpower signing a young handsome charismatic kid the ladies will love….. They can plug him wherever they want.

Blue Face could BARELY rap on beat when he came out. Then he had 1 good song AND BOOM… that’s all it takes.

He had 6 videos posted on World Star before he blew up… I’m rich as fuck and I wouldn’t even pay for World Star to post me…. Why?! Because it’s expensive as fuck… they charge THOUSANDS to put your song on their channel. THOUSANDS a kid definitely couldn’t afford

How else would you suddenly have people like Kendrick Lamar co signing an artist with no lyrical abilities.

This is an industry plant. He didn’t have to put the years of work in. Shit even logic got signed at 19 and had the connections but had to make tape after tape and prove himself. But he was helped up the ladder too. But not quite the same as Blue Face.

With Blue Face…. Nah, here’s the door, walk through it, let me show you what to do. Just listen to me and we are going to blow you up.

For people who watch my Smart Rapper videos, I’m sorry but this thing occurs once in a blue moon. Blue Face is what you would call The Chosen one. He didn’t have to put ANY effort in.

They saw money in him, they signed him and will own him for the rest of his career and now he is instantly on top of the game. They plug him with every top artist, put Cardi B on a song, Put G Eazy on a song.

Remember there is always a power house and TONS of money behind these artists like Blue Face, Lil Pump and these others.

Don’t look at these artists and wonder what you are doing wrong. You aren’t doing anything wrong. They just had a MASSIVE stroke of luck and connection. We are not all that lucky. Some of us really have to work for it and believe in ourselves when the times are hard and push through.

If Blue Face was in your shoes today, he would have the same amount of views you do and the same amount of fans you do. But he got lucky. So keep working and open those doors for yourself. You’ll get there if you keep hustling.

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