5 Things That Happen If You Get On The XXL Freshman List

5 Things That Happen If You Get On The XXL Freshman List

It’s empowering as f***

First let’s go over the benefits to YOU of getting yourself on the freshman list.

Here are the benefits of being on the list

1) You get the buzz of all the other artists on the list who push their fanbases to the list

2) You get the exposure to all of XXLs fans and the marketing dollars they spend promoting the list which is MASSIVE. Everyone is going to see that list.

3) You get the bragging right that you were on that list and that is something you can keep with you forever.

4) Because of the EXTREME amount of exposure, you can expect to instantly gain a boost of around 50,000 listens to your music. I believe that WAY MORE than 50k people check out this list but we can’t assume every single person is going to listen to every person on the list and give them a chance. The more buzz around your name the higher these chances are though.

5) Because of this enormous boost of exposure, this is the time when you need to have your HOTTEST single out. This can POP YOU OFF.


– Rob Level

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